Sunday, February 14, 2016

history repeats itself

So. Last year we entered to compete in a dressage show at OF on Sunday, February 15, 2015. The highs for that day were 15*, however, meaning the outdoor warm up ring was frozen solid. Therefore the show was postponed.

Today, we are entered to compete in a dressage show at OF. Today's forecast high temp is 19*. Easily the coldest day so far of the year. Wtf.


Last year, the show was postponed until the following weekend. When temperatures were a balmy 45* with strong sunshine. But heavy snowfall during the week meant everything was still a mess, so the show was postponed again, for the first week of March. When it was then postponed. Again. Until April (when I believe we were shut down with the flu...).

And that's the story of how we never actually made it to a single show in this series last year, despite entering them all.

This year they plan to bump all the entries to the next show date in the event of a cancellation. Which I'm totally fine with - provided it actually happens...

For now, tho, I'm disappointed. Last year we desperately needed feedback on our dressage work (since we weren't in a lesson program). And this year, I'm surprisingly eager to try out our first level moves in anticipation of making dressage an actual priority this year.

But today will not be that day. Le sigh. This is what I get for tempting fate by making plans, right?

There are other bloggers showing today tho - like Jen from Cob Jockey and JenJ from Wyvern Oaks! - so we'll instead be cheering them on virtually and eagerly awaiting recaps through which I might live vicariously....



  1. It's way too cold out there for showing! Mine was canceled too... brrr, I'm avoiding leaving my warm nest until this is over

  2. Ugh cold! I'm sorry that they had to cancel again. At least you won't have to spend an entire show freezing, so there's a bright side.

  3. It's too cold to show! Sucks to miss it though. I've gotten lucky so far this winter in regards to temp and snow.

  4. Aww! Stupid weather. Our forecast keeps predicting that next week will be fab warm temps, but when next week arrives, it is still a cold frozen hell. :P

  5. Boo! Fingers crossed for the rest of the series.

  6. Here's hoping for a very nice spring and lots of showing :)

  7. Enjoy your kitties today. The temps are a good excuse to not leave the house.

  8. Ugh! I hope the weather gets better soon so you can get to work on showing!

  9. February is just the worst. How shows can possibly even happen during this month, I don't know!