the horse

Charlie Murray

Charlie is the horse I've dreamed of since I was a little girl. He is a 2009 model OTTB by First Samurai out of Shahalo (by Halo) who enjoyed a lengthy racing career, retiring sound in August 2016. And promptly came home to me in September 2016. 

We spent that first winter getting to know each other while Charlie learned to be a riding horse. He took to the new lifestyle well, and came out ready to rumble the next spring for his first year as an event horse. 

That 2017 season was instrumental in rebuilding my confidence in the saddle. Charlie casually made the rounds of the local starter courses, dabbling handily at BN and schooling N by summertime. The season ended early so we could operate on a nagging splint injury, but the time off only reinforced his physical transformation from race horse to sport horse.

The 2018 season saw our partnership in the saddle really start clicking. We moved up to N by springtime and won our final event of the season on our dressage score, with all manner of highs and lows in between for good measure. We've started schooling T, and Charlie continues to demonstrate steady progress in his flat work and general technique.

Throughout all of this, Charlie has learned to be a do-everything, all round type of horse. He's a packer on the trail and is safe and happy galloping in company across the hunt fields. More than anything else, he's proved to be a downright pleasant horse to be around.

I have high hopes for this sweet and quiet guy. Charlie is brave and uncomplicated, and in turn makes me feel brave too. He's taught me so much about what it means to build a riding partner from the ground up, and has inspired me to dream bigger than ever before.



Isabel's Charm

Isabel is a 2002 chestnut Arabian mare. In a word: she is GAME. 

She and I spent four transformative years together (for both of us) from Oct 2012 - Oct 2016 under a lease agreement. Complete with transforming Isabel from primarily a pasture puff trail horse to a winning novice event horse. 

Izzy taught me so much about riding - from what contact really means, how to ride ditch and bank combinations, and the fact that horses love brush fences (even if they are fucking giant). She introduced me to 3' show jumping and 1st/2nd level dressage, despite having never done either previously in her life. 

She's a very special mare and holds a dear place in my heart.