Sunday, August 23, 2015

that time i was on eventing nation

Eventing Nation recently featured an article on David O'Connor's expert day clinic at Waredaca, which you may remember I attended with Alli and Austen. The article touches on what we already wrote about, tho it includes more quotes and really emphasized his insistence that the rider be responsible for every single decision made.

DOC doing what DOC does
Good points all round, tho obvi there was one picture that caught my eye above all else. Check out the article and see if you can find it haha (hint: it might look like I'm distracted by my phone but I swear I was taking notes!)

Lol. I am totally counting this as making it onto Eventing Nation. Totally. Lol. It's not like they're out reporting on the local low level eventers anyway, so this might be my only shot at basking in the limelight - dim tho it may be haha.

But seriously, in other real news: today is show day!! B and I are off to OF for what promises to be a super fun outing. B and Wick are entered in the 2'3" division - technically a move up for them but still well within their skill set and abilities - and I'll be taking my fifth stab at BN.

it's show time!
First two attempts (Loch Moy and Waredaca, respectively) were fun and educational - but left a little to be desired re: stops on cross country. Third run at Tranquility went swimmingly despite a mediocre test and a rail in stadium, and we made quick work of the xc course (tho, perhaps you'll remember the course was VERY soft). Everything finally clicked together for our fourth effort at Fair Hill - and we finished on our dressage score for 2nd place despite challenging weather conditions and full size stadium and xc courses.

So today I would like to replicate that feeling from Fair Hill. Meaning - a respectable dressage test and clear cross country. Still not super comfortable making goals about rails in stadium bc... well, I consistently make mistakes that cause rails. But I feel confident that we should be able to make the rest happen provided I ride the way my trainers have taught me.

Wish us luck!!

And, in the meantime - Grace C from The Horseback Artist nominated me for the Liebster award! My understanding is that this award provides increased opportunities for readers to discover new blogs and learn more about each other along the way.

As such, Grace provided a menu questions for her nominees to answer, from which I chose a selection:

1. Why do you blog?
My blog serves first and foremost as a way to document my training and progress with Isabel, and all the hiccups and highs along the way. A major bonus has been the opportunities to connect with and learn from the broader equestrian community. 

2. What is your most popular blog post? See this post for a comprehensive analysis of my first year of blogging.

3. Which bloggers have you met IRL? Not many!! But the bloggers I have met are all great people! Kaitlyn and the Miseventer are frequent riding buddies who I knew first outside of blogging. Getting to know Austen and Alli first online and then in person has been awesome too. 

4. Describe your horse using one image or gif:

5. What is your riding discipline and why did you choose it?
I've always been drawn to eventing, and took the plunge when I started leasing Isabel. More about this here.

6. What is the most expensive horse-related item you have ever bought?
hint: i don't own the horse
7. What is one tack/horse-related item on your wish list? Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. A saddle that FITS the horse...... Killlllll meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 

8. What is the most difficult thing you find about horseback riding? For me, the biggest struggle is patience. Patience with the horse. Patience with myself. Trusting that things are moving in the right direction even when it doesn't look that way. A favorite mantra is George Morris's quote "It's water on a stone, people. Horses take patience, infinite patience. Wait for the horse."

So. Who wants to play along? This award has been around for ages and I have no clue who's already participated. Plus I'm not good at decision making or picking nominees... so for any readers out there who want to share in this award and tell us a little bit more about yourself in the process, please consider yourself nominated!! 

You may answer the questions above, or any others you've seen in other blog hops that are interesting to you. Just be sure to link back and let me know you're doing a post! 


  1. Omg you're famous!!! I totally read that article too, but didn't make the connection lol. Have a fantastic show today! (and PS that gif of Isabel is perfect)

    1. lol yay fame!! there was actually another EN article about a C4 belt contest that featured pics from the same clinic - and my elbow was in that too. so boom, i've been on EN TWICE now lol

  2. That is awesome!!! So cool :) wishing you guys luck also!

  3. When I see professional rider like your I feels great. We both know horse back riding has an amazing thrills that only the rider can tell. What kind of you used? Is it matter what type for professional rider like yours?

    1. my saddle is a bates - tho i'm certainly not a professional rider!!

  4. Good luck at the show today! Have fun :)

  5. Go TeamIzzy!! Thanks for participating in the blog hop and yup that gif totally works for her haha

    1. haha i love that gif too :D thanks for the nomination!


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