Saturday, September 27, 2014

slo mo video update

Not much to report on at the moment - just keeping my nose to the grindstone in preparation for tomorrow's HT. 

We'll travel to OF for our jumping lesson today - which will also be our only jump school since the last show. Should be a good time!

In the meantime, a boarder has this neat slo mo feature on his camera and used it to record our stadium round last weekend. He's standing in nearly the same place as the other person taking video so it's not very different from the video I already shared. But it's still kinda cool to watch the super slowed down jump approaches - def have a few new ideas on what I'm really doing eq-wise, and how to improve. 

So here it is, for anyone interested:

One thing that's glaringly clear to me here is Isabel's penchant for swapping her front lead in the last 1-3 strides before the fence. Any ideas why?


  1. So darn cool in slo mo!! What a great way to view your riding! You guys look great!