Saturday, September 20, 2014

CT goals

My second CT with Isabel is tomorrow! To prepare, I'm organizing my objectives for the day.

We are in the same division as in July: 2' Stadium and 2011 USDF Intro Test B.

The only difference is the name change from Elementary B to Introductory A. For some reason, I thought they changed the dressage test to a w-t-c version too, but nope: still just w-t. This is FINE by me since our canter resembles lumpy mashed potatoes. 

So, the goals:


We are doing the same test in front of the same judge. This is an opportunity to truly gauge our progress this summer. 

My goal: Improve overall score from 42.2

Particularly, I *hope* to improve our transitions, halts, and the circle to the right. Each of these areas remain difficult for us, but I believe we've made progress. 

For the collectives, the coefficient is on submission here... which is, uh.. not Isabel's strong suit (especially when we're against lesson ponies, who are as submissive as they come). Again, I'd like to see that score improve - even if just by .5. 

Most of the judge's notes revolve around overuse of hands - a constant struggle. In the last few weeks I've started to feel my arms hanging from my shoulders. And I've used that weight for contact, instead of bracing and doing weird things with my wrists. We shall see if the judge agrees that this is better. 

Things to keep the same: accuracy and geometry were decent last time. Transition from free walk to medium walk is usually solid with Isabel. And impulsion - not a problem for my gal.


My stadium round last time was clear. So, uh, yea I'd like to go clear again. 

But lo - there is still room for improvement!! I would love to avoid falling on our ass, please!

thanks, but no thanks.

I'll achieve this goal by creating a *balanced* canter with horse firmly in front of my leg. 

So yea, my goals are pretty simple: improve upon past performances. Fortunately for the lesson kiddos, I'm not very competitive. Otherwise...

kids gotta learn how to lose somehow

lol just kidding!! ....sorta ;)


  1. Great goals and have fun! That last picture is so dang cute. "Kids gotta learn how to lose somehow"- mwahaha! Perfect :)

    1. Lol thanks! I *almost* feel guilty about competing against the kiddos. Almost.

  2. Good luck! Sounds like you have some great goals - be careful on that slippery grass - I know what that's like - scary! That fuzzy pony in the last pic is really cute!

    1. thank you! the grass is pretty treacherous right now too, bc we've had too little rain and the ground is so hard... and you can thank the google for that pony pic... but i smile every time i see it lol


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