Monday, September 1, 2014

september goals

I've never actually set concrete riding goals on such a short timeline for myself. But it seems like a great way to hold myself accountable, get things done, and track progress (which, ultimately, is the purpose of a blog like this, I suppose). 

So here goes nothing:

~ Work consistently on stretching down through my heels and achieving a long, relaxed leg from hip to heel. Specific efforts will include a few minutes of no-stirrups trot/canter work each (non-lesson) ride, and at least two bareback rides.

this leg is NOT working for either of us

~ My lesson schedule in September is a bit wonky (not ideal leading up to our combined training show on 9/21 and our first horse trial on 9/28...) but here's the plan: 
   -at least one, ideally two dressage lessons @ GE
   -one xc school @ OF 9/13
   -one, ideally two jump lessons @ OF 9/20, 9/27
   -one or two lessons with D. Clasing @ GE
   -try to fit in a biomechanics lesson on 9/27 - might be wishful thinking tho
   -potentially haul Isabel to ST, the fancy pants hunter barn, for a lesson 9/16 - more for the experience than anything else

{after writing that out, it really does seem like a lot of lessons, huh. maybe the schedule isn't so wonky after all?? we will see what actually gets scheduled tho...}

~ Get some gymnasties & grids back into our routine - Isabel eats them up, plus they made a huge difference when we started jumping in helping her figure out distances on her own. Perhaps these will be good opportunities for no-stirrup work on my end??

she luvs some gymnasties - but we haven't done this since May
(plz disregard videographer commentary tho lol)