Friday, December 1, 2023

friday foto finish

Happy Friday, y'all!! It's been a bit of a whirlwind around these parts. Obvi the recent Thanksgiving holidays are always a big to-do -- complete with visiting family and all that entails... And unfortunately after all that excitement, a very dear and important member of my family took ill and need(ed/s) some significant TLC from all of us.  

Then for just a little extra fraying around the edges, my kitty experienced a fairly sudden (and very unfortunate) malady requiring urgent care and the e-cone of shame... and my 100yr old apartment building's internal plumbing (and I do mean all of it) legit exploded when a pressure regulator from the city main failed, whoops. So the whole 'running water' situation is a little dicey.

silly big boys being silly and big. and then there's spirit too lol....
It's kinda been all I could do to get out to the barn for blanket changes and grooming sessions, let alone my actual barn shifts, regular schooling rides, and lessons... 

charlie, pictured here listening enthusiastically to the devil on his shoulder
Luckily, tho, Charlie took some pity on me and twisted off another hind shoe (natch, the day after his farrier was on farm...). He probably thought it was doing me some sort of weird twisted (puns) favor by helping me not feel guilty for not riding him. 

flynn the devil: "you should totally throw a shoe, hehehe"
charlie: "great idea!"
Or something. Maybe, I dunno actually. Coming in for dinner the other night, after the shoe was replaced, he quite literally danced circles around me for the full walk up to the barn. Like, not pulling or trying to get away. Just, ya know, a size x-large 1,400lb Hulk Murray shaped kite, showing me just how big and impressive and hyper he can be lol.

He looked for all the world like a horse who wants to get ridden :D And maybe go for a run lol.... Which, if things work my way this weekend, I might just indulge his inclination lol. Get out with my best friend and blow some steam off, ya know? 

speaking of animal calamities... poor OG had a sad week, guys. and kinda gross too
I'm so excited with how things are going with Doozy right now, but I also feel a little tentative -- like I'm sorta getting a bit far out on the limb with some of the work, and don't want to get shaky. 

Esp with evening rides in the indoor, I'm kinda just trying to keep a status quo going in between lessons -- light and easy. 

fortunately he's on the mend!!
Hopefully we can take advantage of some daylight this weekend to get a bit more variation for all of us. Charles just... gettin' ridden, sir!! Perhaps at speed out in the fields :D 

And Doozy... maybe just gettin outside? Maybe try to get back to the jomp ring before our next dressage lesson on Sunday??

And me? Well. The doctor ordered some equine therapy and I'm jonesin' for a fix lol.
here's to peaceful critters making good peaceful choices!
Everything always seems to get crazy and busy and a little gaga this time of year... But here in Maryland, conditions in December are still pretty freakin beautiful and decently mild. So we'll try to enjoy it this weekend. 

Hope you all do the same, TGIF :)


  1. I hope you get a soul cleansing gallop this weekend.

  2. I'm glad Charles is feeling so good!!!

    Poor poor kitty, I know how that feels, I hope he's on the mend ♥️♥️

    1. i really hope charlie feels as good under saddle as he's been looking in hand this past week.... i REALLY want to get back to doing things with him, but have basically zero interest pushing him if he doesn't feel 110%. fingers crossed!

  3. Hoping for a speedy recovery for OG kitty! Beautiful horse-in-creek photo, by the way.

  4. Oh boy, you've been through it lately! I hope everyone is on the mend and that things settle down for you.


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