Saturday, May 28, 2022

mikey the manager

Happy start to a long holiday weekend for those of y'all in the States! And ya know, happy normal weekend for everyone else ;) 

just makin the rounds
Today's post is brought to you by Michael, our feline barn snoopervisor. Who, naturally, makes it his business to investigate every trailer that pulls through the barnyard.

inspector safety
And when I say, "his business," I really mean it haha. He's all business. Not dawdling, not dilly dallying. Not, thankfully, particularly likely to get accidentally brought along for the ride.

doesn't waste much time tho!
No no. He's just there doing his due diligence. Makin sure we aren't cutting any corners --- only the best for his resident pony friends!

"you pass. this time."
Naturally he was a little miffed at my whole emergency brake cable snafu last week.... In Mikey's mind, that's the sorta careless oversight that leads to horrors like accidentally stepping on a cat's tail or some other unthinkable atrocity. 

busted dongle -- note the broken plastic loop on the end
Luckily, for the bargain price of $2.91, replacement parts arrived and the trailer's hitching system is back up to code, per management orders!

replacement cable and dongle fully installed! 
Which was useful, bc we finally made it out for another lesson this week! Yay!! I think!! Idk!! Video is plopped below for your own judgement haha. I'll probably have more to say on it later. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows!!

In the meantime, we're hoping to take advantage of the long weekend. Maybe with a hunter pace? We'll see lol. 

keepin' a watchful eye out on the neighborhood
Anyway. Hope you all have a good one too with good weather and lots of fun pony time!!


  1. "snoopervisor" Love this. I can absolutely see a cat acting this way. Serious cat with serious duties.

  2. Supervision is very important. My chickens take it very seriously.

  3. Barn cats are the best. I love Mikey! <3 Our neighborhood snoopervisor Bebe went missing (it's very sad :( )


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