Sunday, March 26, 2017

ready set GO

Well. The day has come, folks. I'm finally returning to eventing after an extended hiatus following last May's ill-fated Jenny Camp HT.

Sure, we're just doing the lowest of the low, unsanctioned divisions. And ok, I'm only doing stadium and dressage (saving xc until we've actually had a chance to, ya know, school it once or twice haha).

ignore the sweaty post-lesson horse and check out how much space is still available in the fully-packed trailer!!
None of that matters to me tho. To me, all that matters is that *I* am entered in a horse trial. Again. Finally.

And bc I can't resist taking advantage of the opportunity, I'll be sure to walk a couple of the xc courses too. Intro and elementary follow around the same track so I can stalk those simultaneously to get a sense of what's coming next for Charlie.

brita's makin sure we're stocked up on all things treats (for ponies AND ppl!)
I'll probably walk Brita's BN course too, mostly for shits and giggles. And bc, dammit, I love walking xc courses. Actually the last xc course I walked was probably Amelia's last fall, when I went to watch her and Duke absolutely kill it at Loch Moy. So I'm eager to get back at it!

omg it all fits!!
Anyway tho, Brita and I had our standard jump lesson at OF yesterday, which proved to be exactly the confidence boost I needed to feel like we are as ready as we're gonna get for this little eventing debut. Details to follow soon.

Right after the lesson we did as much packing as could feasibly be done in advance. Gotta say I'm quite impressed with this Cotner trailer too. This is the first time it's been fully loaded up for a three-phase with two people and two horse, and there's definitely ample room for everything.

plus the horse too!
There are only two saddle racks, but they're spaced such that stacking two saddles on each was nbd. Plus the four bridle hooks (and extra hook rack hung by baling twine) meant that all our strap goods and extra odds and ends have homes. The wooden bench is additionally perfect for storing helmets / gloves / spurs / etc, tall boots and horse boots, plus any extra bags or whatever.

And - perhaps most importantly - all that stuff packed in there didn't infringe on Charlie's space at all. He could probably reach the saddle directly in front of him if he wanted.... but he'd basically have to be doing it on purpose. And with the double doors, we people still have an easy time moving through and around inside the trailer.

soapy sudsy ponies!
It's especially nice having almost everything already packed up in advance too, bc damn we got just about the worst ride times possible. Ugh. Lol. In fact - it's very VERY likely that by the time you read this, Charlie and I will have already finished our rides haha.

air drying with grass
It should be a good day tho. I'm honestly really looking forward to it - regardless of what happens. I mean, let's be real. It's a very green horse and a very rusty rider. We're not setting any new world records today haha.

But we WILL be having a good time. And hopefully putting on a good show while we're at it. Wish us luck!! And hope you all have a great Sunday too!


  1. I am excited for you! Have fun and get some photos for the blog.

  2. Good luck! Though, it's just about daybreak over here in Greater Rednecklandia so hopefully your ride times are SLIGHTLY later than this. Fingers crossed for you guys!

  3. Cant wait to hear how it went! Good luck!

  4. Hope it went well!

  5. Go girl! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. I love show packing the trailer -- it's like adult Jenga! Haha. Good luck! Hope you and Charlie kicked butt!

  7. Good luck! That trailering setup would never work for Connor - he WOULD grab the saddle on purpose, haha.

  8. So excited to hear all about it!

  9. Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  10. Wooo go Emma and Charlie! Have a great day!

  11. So happy for you! Enjoy the day!

  12. yay! can't wait to hear how it all went!!

  13. Good luck, have fun and have a safe ride :)

  14. Can't wait to hear about all the fun you had!


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