Saturday, March 4, 2017

Contest Details & Examples: Eventing Bingo!

Ok guys - I'm so freaking pumped about this contest it's ridiculous. Thanks all for signing up - we're gonna have a good time!!

For those of you who haven't yet, the deadline is Sunday by midnight. Enter by leaving a comment letting me know you wanna play!

And remember - the drawing for a $25 gift card to Riding Warehouse is open to EVERYONE. You don't have to event, or compete, or even ride a horse at all to be eligible to win.

The current list of players includes:

Name Blog Name Blog
Alli PONY'TUDE L. Williams Viva Carlos
Amanda Bel Joeor Lola Green Horse Blog
Amanda C $900 Facebook Pony Megan K Let's Get Ready to Runkle
Appydoesdressage Apping It Up Micaylah Two Points Tacos & Tiaras
Austen Guinness on Tap Michele J (n/a)
Besty in WI (n/a) Nicole S Zen Baby
Brita A (n/a) Olivia DIY Horse Ownership
Carly Poor Woman Showing Olivia's husband DIY Horse Ownership
Catie P Thoughtful Equestrian Renate Grain before Groceries
Courtney An Equestrian Life Spanish Walk Spanish Walk
Grace C The Horseback Artist Stephani H The Undaunted Equestrian
Hawk No Longer Fiction Stephanie P Hand Gallop
Jessi L (n/a) Teresa A Journey w/ a Dancing Horse
Kaity The Repurposed Saddlebred Teresa S Eventing Saddlebred Style
Kate L Incidents of Guidance  Wendy Horse Crazy Mom

And up next comes the FUN part!!

On Monday, March 6, I will announce your BINGO! card assignments. Everyone will get 2 (two!) randomly assigned from the list I posted here. Once you have your assignments, it's time to get creative.

There was some confusion from my earlier post so please read carefully. To be eligible to win the Riding Warehouse Gift Card random drawing, you must do the following:

  • Review your assigned BINGO! cards and choose a hypothetical winning path (as in, a full row, full column, or diagonal line from the card).
  • Write a story about how the blocks in your winning path might come to pass in real life with your horse (or any horse!). 
  • Publish said story in any of the following ways by 3/15/2017:
    • Post on your blog if you have one (ideal if the story comes with pictures/illustrations/visual representations)
    • Post in the comments of the new dedicated EVENTING BINGO page
    • Or email it to fraidycat.eventing at gmail and I will publish it for you
That's it! A winner will be randomly selected from the pool of participants!

In your stories:
  • Be creative! The more absurd, epic, hilarious, tragic, dramatic, whatever, the better.
    • Warps in the space time continuum, bending the rules, or random acts of logical fallacies in your stories will absolutely be forgiven in favor of upping the entertainment factor. 
    • Illustrations / pictures / visual representations vigorously encouraged!!
    • Double entries to those who find a way to "Black Out" your BINGO! cards - as in, incorporate every single block in your story. 
  • BUT! No creativity is actually required. There's no word limit (minimum or maximum). If this story is just an annoyance standing between you and your prize entry, you can basically get it done in as few words as you like. Just phone it in. Be boring. Nbd ;)

For example: The following shows how you can write something pretty brief to fit the bill, and even this example still has extra detail that you could skip or embellish as you like.

I'm hopeful tho that at least a few of you will answer to my clarion call for great stories. Let's be real - many of you are bloggers. You are natural story tellers and all have unique voices and experiences and histories to draw on. I'm really eager to see what you come up with!

My plan is to highlight collections of stories over coming months as the season unfolds. And, of course, hopefully there will be more real life stories to come from those of you who will actually be playing the BINGO! game while getting out and competing your horses!!

So. Get your entries in, people! It's gonna be a fun time!


  1. I wanna play! I was originally worried that I didn't know the rules of eventing well enough to come up with a realistic story. But if I can be creative and bend them, I'm in :)

  2. this helps clear things up to my noncomprehensive brain SO MUCH Thanks! :) LOLLOL and the900facebookpony will totally use your short cut idea for the story HA! :) gonna be epic!!

    1. and i really hate i have no blog beside my name..hmmmm LOL

  3. This looks like so much fun!! Count me in, please!

    As a sidenote, I just wanted to let you know I have changed my blog name, so it may not show up in your reader list anymore. The new url is www dot twoandahalfhorses dot blogspot dot com. You may have to re-enter it into your reader list to follow again.

  4. Can't wait to read all the creative stories and come up with my own!

  5. I will play :) Sounds like it will be fun.

  6. Okay I think I HAVE to partipate XD

  7. Ok ok, I'll try to play too! WeanieEventer here.

  8. Oooooh I can see I few things on my cards I might be destined for haha

  9. Oki doki, thanks for this example post to coax me out of my mental block


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