Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Two Point Challenge: Week 1 Updates

Exciting stuff guys - we are officially through the first week of the 2016 Two Point Challenge, with 23 blogger participants.

By the end of each week (meaning by Sunday at midnight Pacific time), participants should report your longest uninterrupted stint of holding your two point position while riding (at any gait, in any saddle, under any circumstances) in the past week.

Nbd if this week's total is a drop from last week's, it's the practice that counts, right? We're just capturing your longest times as they compare to your baseline - and calculating who has the longest time and who is the most improved.

Like so:

The strategic among you (or those who REALLY want in on those awesome sponsored prizes!!!) might see that while there's one rider holding strong in the "Longest Time" game (ahem, Lindsey), there's a growing group of competitors knocking on that door (Alli, L. Williams, Heather, and Appydoesdressage).

Furthermore, the "Most Improved" category is really anyone's game at this point. With only one rider topping the 200% threshold (L. Williams is giving us a good show in her first year as an eligible contestant!), the field is fairly packed with KateRose, Liz Stout, Three Chestnuts and Semi Feral Equestrian all boasting at least 150% improvement in Week 1.

RiderBlogBaselineWeek 1 High
AmandaBel Joeur0:471:10
AppydoesdressageMusings from LogDog Acres5:065:06
AryelleHorse Hack1:471:47
CareyMe Jump Pretty One Day3:233:23
EmmaWalk, Trot, Canter, Banter1:542:24
GraceThe Horseback Artist2:202:20
HeatherThe Graduated Equestrian5:155:15
KateRosePeace & Carrots2:064:08
KristenStampy and the Brain3:273:43
L. WilliamsViva Carlos2:537:10
Liz StoutIn Omnia Paratus1:172:21
LoveLaughRideGrain Before Groceries4:404:40
MeganHowling Owl Farm0:050:05
MonicaHow to Train your Dragon4:274:27
NicoleZen & the Art of Baby Horse Management3:403:40
OliviaDIY Horse Ownership0:440:44
outofashesOne Bud Wiser1:262:12
SarahOAutonomous Dressage2:252:25
Semi Feral EquestrianSemiferal Equestrian2:364:13
TeresaEventing Saddlebred Style1:471:47
Three ChestnutsThree Chestnuts0:330:59

Again - Megan and I are scraping these times from the comments each week so please don't hesitate to point out any errors or corrections etc!

All that matters is your longest time each week - so don't forget to PRACTICE and definitely don't forget to time yourself  and, above all, don't forget to telllllll ussss about it!!!!! :D

(Also, perhaps if you're into that kinda thing {not that I'd ever say that equestrians are competitive or whatever, no, never!}, you might let the front runners in your chosen category know that you're coming for them!}


  1. Can I hold the 2 point with my feet on the ground and have it count? HA. I hate lame horses.

    1. lame horses are the worst :( get your practice in on Yanks! or find a catch ride!!

    2. he has a lease and I can only ride him once a week :/

    3. once a week is plenty sufficient to record some fresh times :D

  2. In only there was a way to practice my two point on the world's longest drive I will soon be embarking on!

    1. omg yea that's one long drive you have coming up! better find a way to practice tho - there's so many riders hot on your heals for winning the longest time!!

  3. Definitely practicing my ass off every chance I get

    1. ha excellent - very impressive to see you high in the hunt for both titles!!!

  4. Wow! So much improvement over the last week. I'm hoping to get a ride in on Saturday...maybe Sunday too if the weather cooperates.

    1. definitely get your rides in!!!! you're super well positioned to show some BIG improvement!!

  5. Very competitive! I did a spin class this morning, not sure if that will help or hinder my two-pointing hahaha... I could barely get out of my car to go to work afterwards... but stronger legs tomorrow I hope?

    1. sounds promising to me!! pain for a good cause, right? lol :)

  6. Alright, got a ride in on both ponies today. My times were 8 seconds and 16 seconds on the barrel of a pony. Still bareback and at a walk. :) It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I doubt I'll get a ride in.


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