Sunday, October 16, 2016

friendly reminder: 2ptober!!

Week 2 is drawing to a close - be sure to get your longest 2pt times reported in the comments section either here or on Megan's blog before tonight at midnight pacific!!

For some added motivation, I'm reposting these charts of the week 1 totals.

Let's be real here. If after this weekend you are among the group in the far left column in the "most improved" chart (ie: the "No Change" group) we may or may not publicly shame you lol.

Because c'mon ya'll, there is exactly zero reason why most equestrians can't lay down at least a marginally improved time from your baseline.

Unless. Ok. Maybe I can think of an excuse or two... Like. Um. That time last year when I had to drop out of the competition after breaking my goddamn leg... And sure there are a couple of you with lame horses.

But unless you count yourself among the crowd of broken horse or broken rider, I wanna see some 2pt times!!!


  1. Shame away. I deserve it. #failingforeverandalways

  2. 2:03.....I accept my shame. In my defense, I timed myself after a really hard lesson bc that was the only day I could do it!! Lol

  3. 12 minutes 36.64 seconds. I'm not sure how that's possible and I don't think I'll be able to walk tomorrow...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. 4 minutes and 46 seconds

      TBH, much harder than I would have thought since I decided to do this on a trail ride. Hard to do so with a horse worried about well..leaves, and horses, and mud, and some more mud, and that weird looking log.


  5. 5:28 this week.

    Someone please tell me how to not get bored two pointing in the indoor on a weeknight? After a while I start struggling with just keeping my brain in the game! Maybe I need to set up poles or something?

  6. 6:02 (I will likely always be late, I don't generally do anything blog related on the weekends, I reserve that for work hours ;) )

  7. Ugh. My horse was a total spaz this week and could not be trusted to plug along with me in two-point so unortunately it didn't happen. I was busy managing meltdowns. Lol. I'll work extra hard this week to make up for it!

  8. I had a 3 hour trail ride yesterday, that should count for something. My hope is that when I get my "new" saddle back tomorrow, 2 point will be super easy and I will hit the 15+ min mark and not even feel it. BWHAHA!!! One can dream....

  9. I'm falling into the broken rider category this week. No times for last week, and I probably won't get on this week either.

  10. Aaaah, I know it's too late but I'm putting it here anyway so that I can keep up my motivation: 1:50.


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