Thursday, November 19, 2015

Zen Baby: Equestrian Haikus

Because why not, here are some equestrian haikus for Nicole's blog hop contest. Enjoy lol.

Isabel wants noms
peppermints carrots cookies
anything will do

over confident
we careen toward the rolltop
this will end badly

all a DQ needs:
bling brow bands and shiny boots
dressage nirvana

cross country for days
stadium like no big deal
dressage tho? just no.

that jump looks giant
take a couple steps backward
nope still humongous

that jump's too scary
oh but 12 year olds do it?
still not trying it

one stupid misstep
poof: season's over early
isabel approves

my leg is broken
did baby race horse do it?
nope i just fell down

gonna NAIL this course!!
oops too long; damn now too deep!
oh well, just 3 rails....

give take, squeeze release
quiet communication
haha just kidding

curried, clipped and combed
horse is groomed to perfection
commence mud rolling

ugly fetlocks and
a terrible parrot mouth
can't stop Bali's cute

just me and my horse
and ill-advised adventures
someone hold my beer

ditches eat horses
the water's filled with gators
why do i event?!?


  1. These are awesome!!! Absolutely love them! My favorite is the gonna nail this course one. - Kathryn from incidents of guidance

  2. Bravo! Those are hilarious!! I'm so impressed by everyone's haikus!!

  3. These made me LOL! You're great! The one that ends 'someone hold my beer' is my favorite!

  4. "just me and my horse
    and ill-advised adventures
    someone hold my beer"


  5. Bahaha, I love these. 'Over confident' and 'that jump looks giant' are my favorites!

  6. Very nice hahah this made me miss my language arts classes back in grade school

  7. Love love love these!

    The pics are great! 6 is my fav.

    I think you should do these at least once a week/month.

  8. hehehe awesome!! LOVE the pic series of Isabelle over the ditch!

  9. OMG I love these. ALL OF THEM. I think you need t-shirts with these on them! Seriously. Put the eventer ones together and make a pattern of haikus, same with dressage. I'd buy one!

  10. "This will end badly" lolz. These are great!

  11. Not a bad one on here. You are talented. I bow.

  12. I cannot stop laughing. I love them all!

  13. These are my favorite ones so far!!

  14. Hi Emma! I can't find a contact for you (and somehow we're not facebook friends?). If you're seriously interested in the ps dressage bridle, email me at sprinklerbandits at g mail dot com. Thanks!


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