Friday, November 6, 2015

TSB: Awesome Things Blog Hop

A couple weeks, ahem, months ago, Aimee of The Sprinkler Bandits fame wanted to know about the awesome things we do with our horses. Isabel is nothing if not awesome, so obviously this is something we can get behind!

But beyond just pictures of Isabel being awesome, I'm including pretty much every horsey picture from my archive that makes me smile. Bc it's Friday, so why not?

just chillin under a double rainbow. like ya do when you're an isabel
this fly mask. this fly mask is awesome. 
not isabel (or me, for the record lol) but i think it's awesome anyway
she's a surprisingly dainty eater - toddlers can safely feed her treats!
it's awesome that she doesn't kill me when i dress her up like this ;)
she actually wants to ingest this lavender balm
random child on random pony. i will never be this awesome
bc obvi. (extra special bonus - i can still do this while laid up!)
yasssssssssss this camera is my everything
isabel is an awesome trail blazer (even on well-worn trails)
this shirt obviously reminds me of izzy (as evidenced by another picture further down)
awesome mare is awesome from all angles
bc cute bay blaze faces with major ear fuzz are pretty awesome too
stretching our legs through the corn fields on a hunter pace. awesome
on the trails too!

play time!
the meeting of my two favorite blazes
awesome mare is up for anything
ehhh... less awesome, except this spider reminds of me of our great time at olde hope
and my parents got to see izzy in action at olde hope too!
crossing bridges like nbd
izzy is famous! 
lolz my photoshop ms paint skillz are not awesome, but very few fucks are given
bc she's fun to draw anyway
and sometimes awesome needs no explanation

What about you - what are some of the awesome things you do with your horse?


  1. Love love love the last picture. They are all great but the last one is especially awesome!!!

    1. haha thank you! i had a lot of fun making it ;)

  2. That is the BEST picture! :) But I am sure Izzy would say who needs a jet pack to fly!

  3. Replies
    1. thanks haha! this has been sitting in my drafts folder since... well since you first started the hop... so thanks for that too lol

  4. That just made my day! Except for the scary spider.

  5. That just made my day! Except for the scary spider.

    1. lol yea that spider was... not my favorite thing in the world lol. fortunately he was able to relocate with minimal fuss!

  6. Stuff I did this year with da Bird: saddle fitting, shoes, minitrial (rolling rock), two halloween parades, an overnight trail ride, a timed event fun show and a dressage clinic. My criteria for success at these outings was "Do The Thing, Sensibly" and he totally did that, every time, so hooray. Given that he didn't ride at all before Easter Sunday, I figure it was a pretty decent year.

    1. yea that's definitely not too shabby at all for a baby green bean! Bird is super cute btw

  7. Haha! Love this. Especially the last one.

    1. lol i'm starting to think *i* might actually be the one who needs jet packs haha

  8. Love this blog hop!! Also love that shirt, where did you get it??

    1. oh man this shirt is like, my favorite, and there are tons of other fun designs too. the shirt is here, but click around for others too:

  9. AWESOME post ;)

    But for real love all the pictures!!


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