Sunday, May 17, 2015

moving up

It's happening guys. 

I rode the high from our amazing (and confidence inspiring) cross country schooling last week straight to my email account to ask the Loch Moy organizers to switch my entry to BN for next week's event. 

My initial plan was to wait until AFTER our first horse trial of the season (which is today, btw!!!) to make a decision about moving up... and perhaps that would have been more prudent. 

But whatevs. I got the vote of confidence from OF trainer P and Dan, and Isabel was born ready. So I made it happen while the adrenalin was still pumping lol. 

I'll reconcile myself to the consequences later haha... First we have to make it through Intro at Jenny Camp today :)

We're riding test BN-A again, and hopefully I can keep the pointers from our last dressage lesson fresh in my mind and get the kind of score I know Isabel deserves. 

Stadium & cross country max out at 2'3", tho last year's course had quite a few inviting ~2' stuff to get us started. If I just ride the canter we should be fine (kick don't pick!).

My biggest concern is the water option - meaning the flags are set such that you can get through them without touching the water (as Isabel nimbly demonstrated last year). And I was totally fine with that bc I just wanted to go go go and not pick up any faults. 

never gets old lol
water complex at Shawan Downs. there's more water on the other side of that gravel rise in the center.
This year my plan of attack is a little different: I want to actually school the water a bit. I asked Dan about it and he recommended veering off course early on (since we're not timed) to school the water before returning to our intended path. That way, theoretically Isabel will be prepared for it when we actually arrive to the flags in the predetermined order. 

this is last year's course map, and i expect this year's to be similar. the traditional start box is right next to the water complex (5-6), so deviating from course early on to splash around a little should be easy

But even if she still has a hesitation or step back that lands us with 20 penalty points, well, so be it. Isabel needs experience in the water and doesn't know what penalty points are.

Therefore, my goals for today:

  • finish with a number, not a letter (redemption!!)
  • dressage < 40
  • skool dat water! 

Wish us luck!! And the best of luck to other bloggers also competing this weekend!!! (pretty sure that includes at least Alli, CarlyAmanda, Austen, and Hellomylivia, tho perhaps there are others too?) 


  1. Good luck! The water complex should be nice and full after yesterday!

    1. haha seriously! definitely some crazy storms!

  2. Have FUN and best of luck today!

  3. Good luck! It's exciting you are trying a new level.

  4. Good luck, have fun and kick butt!

  5. Have so much fun at Loch Moy!!! Addy and I scouted out the x-country course for you and it's looking great ;)

    1. i've never been but hear good things about it - can't wait to check it out!


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