Sunday, May 10, 2015

redemption: jenny camp entry?

Isabel and I completed our first ever two horse trials last year: first at OF - the farm we travel to for weekly lessons. So it wasn't exactly a 'home' show - but the next closest thing. 

The second event was the MCTA Jenny Camp at Shawan Downs in October. It felt like a really big deal to me - like our first ever *official* outing (even tho it was still a starter trial and we're still putzing along in the green-as-grass divisions). Ultimately I was eliminated** after falling on cross country 3 fences out from the finish line... but I had so much fun and have been looking forward to going back this fall. 

isabel seriously dominates the up bank tho
Imagine my surprise when I got an email saying registration is now open for Jenny Camp 2015 - which has been moved up to May 17. Um... that was a lot sooner than I expected, organizers! Esp given all our recent unplanned time off... 

Fast forward to last weekend when I jump judged at the same venue, and actually spent the afternoon sitting a few meters away from the exact location of my fall - clearly demarcated by cattails... (for those who might not remember - the ground was a touch marshy/muddy and Isabel objected by slamming on the brakes, sending me over her head. take note: it wasn't a fall related to a jump - just a random ol' outta-nowhere deal). 

red arrow points to where i fell off just outside the pic
So I need redemption. Like, for serious y'all. 

My initial post-quarantine plans were to debut at Loch Moy on May 24 and the entry is already in (they just moved our entry from last month when I had to scratch after the close date). But Shawan Downs is SO CLOSE to home - and such a nice venue! 

gratuitous screen shot shamelessly grabbed from this video that shows our jump judge picnic - i'm in the white shirt with cell phone glued to my face to record video lol
Plus Isabel has been doing super well in work, and I feel like we CAN actually do better than simply surviving dressage now. There's still some fitness issues, and we haven't had many lessons since the quarantine. But the few schools we've had have been AWESOME. 

big verticals with barrels for fill? looks like nuthin from her back :)

So, um. Yea. Provided Isabel's owner is ok with it, we're gonna do it!!!

I'm pumped guys - and seriously have my fingers crossed that nothing derails these plans!


**turns out i wasn't actually eliminated. at last week's jump judge orientation, organizers emphasized that competitors who had a fall unrelated to a jump could choose to get back on and continue, provided both horse and rider were ok. so i COULD have kept going and actually completed the course. and since it wasn't timed, i wouldn't have incurred any time penalties and was positioned to finish in the ribbons. grrrrrrrrrr!!! lol... we need redemption!


  1. Redemption for certain! I'll have my fingers crossed to the max for you guys. Bummer about the un-elimination but ah well what can you and learn I guess!! Looking forward to reading updates!

    1. haha live and learn indeed - i will NOT be making that mistake again lol

  2. Good luck! Can't wait to read about it!

  3. Replies
    1. thanks! i'm sure it'll be fun one way or another :)

  4. Good luck! I can't wait to read how it goes!

  5. Redemption shall be yours! :)

  6. So exciting!!! Best of luck!

  7. =D very exciting!! FYI new rules - if you fall off at a jump, and you land *on your feet* you can get back on and continue. This is only for lower divisions. personally I have a fully printed copy of the rulebook that I re-read the night before a horse trial. There's a lot of fine print and understanding the rules will help ensure you get your fair shake at the event.

    1. thanks!!! i really need to pay more attention to the rule book haha! the organizers at the recognized event i jump judged for didn't stipulate whether it had to be 'on your feet' or not (and didn't require that when a rider came off in prelim, tho he opted not to get back on anyway)... but it's always good to know the fine print. and for what it's worth - i did land on my feet that fall!!! makes it even worse somehow lol


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