Saturday, April 1, 2023

big news!!

Let's be honest, this year got off to a rocky start for us. A lot of setbacks. But... I've been holding back a little secret from y'all. While Charlie sorted out his gravel-induced abscess plus obvi the ill-timed choke, etc, I was busy planning.

So here's the deal: Y'all might remember, we started Charlie on Equioxx back in November, to excellent effect. He is responding *so well* to the drug that, well, I decided to get serious again about moving up this year. Really give it another try, see how far we can go, ya know?

I don't want to repeat the same mistakes from our past, however, so.... I decided on a more... traditional.... route. We enlisted a competent professional to help get Charlie back into work and ultimately pilot him around his first few bigger events. Enter: Boyd Martin! 

boyd and charlie!
So far, it's gone really well too! Turns out, I've been right all along: Charlie already has all the pieces for the level. He's a good and capable horse, who just needed a slightly more consistent and confident rider to get him really confirmed. It's just so exciting to see <3

Boyd has been a phenomenal mentor to me, too. He realized pretty quickly that.... *I* was the one in need of a little hand holding. In his opinion, I just need more mileage, more jumps, more galloping, more... everything. And more than any one horse (esp a high-mileage model like Charlie) needs to do. 

As such, he's offered up some of his own school masters to help me get rider-fit again plus gain experience at higher levels!!

omg it's me and Thomas!!!
And oh. my. gawwwd has it been fun!!! Like.... Sure, I still kinda suck haha. Tho, turns out, my defensive, back-seat, pearl-clutching stance*** as a rider made me perfectly suited for the drop into Head of the Lake. Check THAT off the old bucket list, lol!

(***Specifically the third photo in that post, in case it's not clear enough!) 

Oh, and guys ---- wowza, Tsetserleg is a serious little pocket rocket! This horse has HOPS! He's teaching me so much, honestly, I'm just so grateful. 

Now that it's April, I'll get less saddle time with him as he preps for Kentucky with Boyd (sadly, I couldn't get my own or Charlie's MERs done in time!) -- but what an experience! 

Here's hoping for much more to come!


  1. Lmaooo you got me, until my brain saw the "April Fool's" on the jump and fixated on "wait how would she jump an April Fool's jump and then post about it before April Fool's, is this from a year ago?? .... Oh"

  2. Your photoshop skills are second to none 🤣

  3. Very impressed with the pictures. Such a good position you've developed for your next step up. ;)

  4. Girl, I fell for this hook, line, and sinker. I was in the midst of happy squealing for you when I got to the Head of the Lake photo and was like... wait a minute. :D Thanks for the laugh!

  5. You almost had me there for a second bwahaha


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