Monday, November 29, 2021

#2 - in - 1

Woof, okay everybody I'm still hardcore digesting all that food.... Well, ha, ok, I'm possibly still hardcore eating all that food omg #LeftOvers4Lyfe.....

So. In the meantime, I have an easy breezy twofer special for y'all today....

sight seeing with Michael
First up. Charlie's barn structure is .... old. And the building foundation is older still, as the building itself has, ahem, gone through some iterations. That's the deal with these old multi-generational farms, tho -- they're in a constant state of updates. 

Latest on the list, tho? Stall mats!!

somebody's been napping <3 also... yea, the name plate :'(
Charlie's stall mats have been a constant source of frustration for basically ever -- both he and I were always tripping on them. The owner has been systematically working through all the stalls, and finally it was Charlie's turn!

But.... A funny thing happened. Charlie moved temporarily into his Best Friend Forever, Iggy's stall during the renovations, and, I noticed a change in him --- subtle at first, but definite. 

right smack in the middle of everything -- including a grooming bay to the right out of frame
As the renovations dragged on, and Charlie spent more time in Iggy's stall... The impression stayed with me. So I checked in with the BO, who does all the morning and weekday shifts. She agreed with my impression, and... Well, I talked it over with Iggy's mom too, and we decided to keep Charlie here. 

with so many neighbors in view, plus one is nose-touchable!!
Ya know. If you'd have asked me last week, I would have told you Charlie was in the "best stall in the barn." It's certainly the biggest haha -- designed for foaling. But... One feature of foaling stalls is solid walls. Which I'd maybe never really noticed or considered before standing with Charlie in Iggy's stall -- which is mesh grating on all sides. 

and the big horse FITS!! as evidenced by him being absolutely *covered* in pee every morning all of a sudden (bc omg guys charlie keeps the grossest boy stall ew). also, spy that little lord of mischief in the background...
Plus the new stall is centrally located, right in the middle of all the action where Charlie always loves to be. AND -- he can touch noses with friends!! 

He used to always stick his head out and whinny that sad tieback whinny whenever he heard my voice -- which I secretly loved. Except ya know what I love better? Watching him stand settled at his hay observing the world around him, rather than whirling away to the door all the time. 
shifting gears --- altho, now we're just covered in *poo* instead, ahem...
Seeing the evidence that Charlie is laying down to sleep so often now really kinda sealed the deal for me. He used to sleep laying down in his last stall too -- sure -- but this is apparently a whole new level. So. New digs for Charlie, and it just feels so right! 

Plus, obviously, we all already know that Charlie just loves getting covered in his own mess so.... how's that for a transition to our next topic, eh? 

"i need an adult" -- charles, probably
Back in the summer of 2020, I wrote about a new-to-me product -- the Shires Arma Tail Guard & Bag. To solve a fairly.... specific problem. Which, ahem, is pictured directly above -- with the tail guard doing exactly what it's supposed to do. 

this picture accompanies Merriam-Webster's official definition of dad bod omg
Charlie and I shipped out for a 9am lesson last weekend in brisk 35*F temperatures --- meaning way WAY too cold to even attempt bathing off the pee from Charlie's newfound stall-snugness, ugh. Plus, homeboy still hasn't really gotten clipped for real yet (aside from the kinda crappy "trim" job he got before Loch Moy ((that I still paid full price for wtf LOL)))...

ok back to the grossness ---- just LOOK AT IT OMG EW
Obviously it's embarrassing enough showing up with a smelly unkempt homeless looking horse (let's not talk about the rider, m'kay?). But this tail guard, guys -- this thing seriously punches WAY above its weight and at least spares us some modicum of shame?? Maybe???

and, voila!! remove the tube and it's basically neat and tidy! or, uh, at least DRY, ok? i'll brush it when i'm dead
Like I wrote in the original review, it goes on easily with two individual components: the neoprene* padded tail guard, and the nylon tube attachment to cover the whole tail itself. 

So far, this thing hasn't fallen off Charlie's tail once. It keeps his tail completely dry, or at least, it does when I'm careful enough to make sure the whole thing is adequately covered (whoops!). AND -- most importantly -- the contraption cleans up easy as pie with just a hose-off (and an occasional launder). 

Basically, it's useful enough that.... I use it every time. Which, in Lazy Emma Land, is pretty high praise, let's be real!

(*Lol omg yes I put neoprene on my horse and he hasn't died yet --- don't believe the marketing gimmicks, guys!!!!)

"it's not my fault i look homeless" -- charles, definitely
A few friends who have ordered the same guard, either for my exact problem (omg my horse is actually a retired off track kentucky-born HOG ugh), or for similar issues like leaning on the butt bar, etc. And so far everyone seems really happy with it! 

Just a heads up, tho, it seems like this product always ships from the UK, and shipping time can be lengthier than you might be typically used to in today's Prime Universe. 
we can't all be as fastidious as mikey snuggled in horse blankets!!s!
Hopefully I'll have more actual proper updates to come -- like a couple recent lessons and fun rides oooh! But, in the meantime, for any of you who were intrigued but on the fence about this tail guard, a year and a half into use; I'm still definitely loving it!

Anybody else discover any new life-changing (or even just generally practical or modestly momentous) gadgets or pieces of equipment lately? Or maybe you're all just like me -- still too full of pie to consider much else??


  1. I am glad that you are still full of pie. I play with the idea of getting a tail bag for Carmen but never bite the bullet. But Charlie- oh my god. Irish dribble pee all the time and still doesn't look like that. :)

  2. Still sad over the news about Iggy, but glad to see that Charlie is connected to his buddy in some way. It's amazing how with the right setup it changes everything though - Quest HATED stalls but now that she is at the center of all the barn aisle action, not a problem. Horses!

  3. Aw, I'm glad Charlie is even happier in his new house! Also nice that the tail guard is still holding up! I haven't found anything life changing lately, but will report back if anything turns up!

  4. I'm convinced laying down sleeping is the best for our horse's mental health


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