Saturday, May 23, 2020

Mikey (the barn cat) Update!!!!

Happy weekend everyone! And happy 3-day weekend for those in the US... altho... uh, let's be real, it kinda hardly feels like it anyway. 

Back to the point tho -- I know a lot of y'all are big MIKEY fans!!! And, obvi, what's not to love about a gorgeous and friendly brown tabby, right??

he's not good at posing bc he declines to acknowledge when we call his name <3
And guys. Mike is a cool cat.

I love him. LOVE. He's always around, always coming to check in with whatever you might be doing... but at the same time, he's kinda too cool for you.

sooooo close to having pretty flowers in the picture
He's always off doing cute and interesting things, but generally ceases when the camera comes out. Bc obviously. 

And if you stoop down to pet him, he's guaranteed to slide right past, and park it directly behind you (tho with tail still pressed on you as his de minimis token affection).

"excuse me madam bish, this coat  mine now" -- Mikey, probably
And my goodness, but this cat OWNS the place. If it's on the floor? It's Mikey's.

The stalls?? Which are typically empty all day long while horses are turned out?? Also Mikey's.

In fact, I'm pretty sure this cat is moderately annoyed that so many horses are in all his favorite places come nighttime.

As evidenced by his frequent visits to Charlie's stall and slight amazement that he now has to share occupancy lol......

"oh wow, who could have guessed there'd be a horse in here!"
Mikey really is the best tho <3

I just hope he develops some horse sense soon bc.... geez he's just a liiiiiiitttle casual about it all right now haha. But so cute -- so so so cute <3


  1. What a cute dude, and Mikey seems like the perfect name for him too!

    1. the barn left the name up to votes by boarders, and i gotta say, some of the early leading contender names were Not Good lolol. like, c'mon, it's a barn cat -- it needs a cute name! Mikey is perfect tho <3

  2. I LOVE a brave bold cat. They are hysterical! And I definitely know why they need 9 lives, lol

  3. awww Mikey! <3 You just can't beat a brown tabby.


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