Thursday, October 26, 2017

tick tock: week 3 2ptober is closing!

Alright everybody, I'm starting to get a litttttle bit concerned by the lack of two point times rolling in!!

Thanks very much to those of you who have been so diligent in your reporting. And actually - despite the low turnout in terms of participation, those of you who are making it happen are really laying down some BIG times!

Rider Blog Baseline Max Time % Improved
Aimee SprinklerBandits 2:13 2:13 0%
Alex TheHorseDream 0:22 1:53 414%
Amanda Bel Joeor 0:25 5:35 1240%
Anxious Eventer Anxious Eventer 2:36 2:36 0%
Bee Tea Riding to B 3:00 3:00 0%
Beth A Truby in Tucson 0:23 1:41 339%
Britt A House on a Hill 5:04 5:04 0%
Chelsey Horseback Writing 2:47 2:47 0%
Emily Frank 5:38 13:58 148%
Fig Topaz Dreams 0:07 0:31 343%
Holly Marescara 2:02 5:42 180%
J. Alexander It's Cosmic 2:00 11:01 451%
Kaity The Repurposed Horse 4:07 9:15 125%
KateRose Peace & Carrots 2:24 2:24 0%
KC The Pilgrim Chronicles 2:37 8:31 225%
L Williams Viva Carlos 5:25 20:25 277%
Laura Anne 1:11 2:05 76%
Maddy CTR+Halt+DEL 1:15 3:15 160%
Mandy The Everything Pony 3:00 8:00 167%
Megan Phoebe the Freebie 0:20 4:03 1115%
Megan K Go Big or Go Home 3:13 3:13 0%
Molly One Bud Wiser 2:09 4:11 95%
Nadia 3day adventures with horses 4:40 6:15 34%
Niamh Misadventures of a girl and her OTTB 2:43 3:17 21%
Nicole Sharp Zen Baby 1:58 1:58
Olivia DIY Horse Ownership 1:17 1:17 0%
Sara The Roaming Rider 0:32 1:22 156%
SarahO Autonomous Dressage 2:05 2:05 0%
SarahW My Red Mare 2:00 2:00 0%
Teresa Journey with a Dancing Horse 1:44 8:00 362%
Tracy Fly On Over 1:45 1:45 0%

We've seen a pretty giant uptick in the average longest held 2pt time - pretty darn close to 5min now! That's a huge improvement from the starting time of 2min. Congrats everybody!

Naturally there are a few who stand out among the crowd, with a bit of a shakeup in the leader board since last week.

Top 5 by longest time:
L Williams
Emily Frank
J. Alexander

The most improved category keeps on chipping ever onward too, with the placings held fairly steady since last week with just a little bit of reshuffling.

Top 5 by most improvement:
J. Alexander

There's still time tho to get your time in and make it count! Final longest times are due by next Tuesday Oct 31, by midnight. And remember, we've got some serious prizes on the line for those who are willing to really go for it!!

you're gonna need that aspirin lol

Blogger-shaming Edition -- No change shown:
Anxious Eventer
Bee Tea
Megan K
Nicole Sharp


So don't forget: Just one last weekend and a couple days left to make a final push for 2pt Champion 2017!!


  1. I’m getting my time for this week tonight. Life’s been stressful, but when isn’t it??

    1. boy do i know that feeling!!! life is less stressful tho with bath bombs and pretty custom embroidered saddle pads ;)

  2. Alright, game on I guess since my 5 minutes ain't gonna cut it here!

    1. nope gonna have to dig a little deeper if you want those sweet sweet prizes!!!!!

  3. I didn't see a reporting post! I did 5:35 this week.

    1. nice time - takes you right on up to the top of the most improved game!

  4. i feel appropriately mollified. to be fair (okay, i put this on myself but STILL) i AM working out a lot its just not... in two point.

    We'll see how that serves me (methinks not well).

  5. I totally forgot to report my time of 20:07. Going for 30 in my ride tonight. Can

    1. excellent time!!!! good luck!

    2. Well, I got on to record that 30 minute time, and got 40:14. Ow.

      My legs went numb at 30 min, so I figured I could handle another 10.

    3. wow that's a GIANT time! and a huge improvement in a such a short amount of time haha considering the total average for everybody is 5min and you just tacked on an extra 20 for shits and giggles!

    4. I'm kind of dead now, but it'll be worth it

  6. Are you ready for this? 17:58 last night! I'm super glad no one watched me jump my horse around after that. Going for 25+ this weekend!

  7. I guess I'm confused as to where you'd like us to post them? I always just wait for this post to let you know. On the 31st I'll be way more diligent! I've been living a life of trot sets and got my time up to 19:21! My goal was 20 minutes by the end of this so I think I'll be able to do it! Thanks Emma!

    1. great work - 20 min definitely seems within reach! times should be reported in a comment on my blog. i've been trying to get reminders out but even in the absence of a reminder, we all know when it's monday!

  8. Holy crap L. Williams is a BEAST. OMG. My freakin 8 minutes gave my sciatic trouble for a few days! I was obviously doing it wrong towards the end of the 8 minutes lol. But, I can tell I'm getting stronger! Now I'm dreading No Stirrup November. Just kill me now lol

    1. getting stronger is what it's all about!!!

  9. I thought I needed a reporting post to say how far I got! My bad! I got to 5 minutes (!!!!!) before my parents visited this weekend and I couldn't make it out to the barn. I'm so going out for every day for the rest of Oct though. I really really really want to make my numbers go up in these next few days.

    1. nice progress! in order for me to capture your times, you must report them in a comment on the blog.

    2. I thought there was a specific post for me to report them on each week. :( Am I out of the running now cause I missed reporting?

    3. nope!! i try to get a reminder post up bc that does make it easier for participants to ... well... remember to report their times haha. but you can tell me your time in literally any comment anywhere. all comments go to the same inbox, after all.

      and nope also - not out of the running. contest doesn't close until oct 31, so the world is your oyster limited only by your own burning muscles until then! but you must not forget to log a final time by midnight oct 31!!!!

    4. Oh good. Sorry for misunderstanding how the posting times goes! I will totally be on my final time posting on Oct 31! And I'll make sure its before midnight eastern time. XD

  10. can I push through for 10 more minutes.. I dunno but I am going to try!

  11. I have been practicing, just not recording the time. I'll try to make it happen this weekend.

  12. Yup, totally guilty on that one! I need a day where I can get out and ride outside... hopefully Saturday! My last attempt was 3:35


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