Saturday, March 12, 2016

could be fun. could be fail.

MOAR GIFS!!!!! Haha bc why not. It's Saturday, right? Actually, I guess there's been an awful lot of gifs this week, which I generally try to avoid bc of the heavy load times... So, uh, sorry?

I kinda love this particular collection tho, so hopefully you'll forgive my intense need to share lol.

I like these so much bc they somewhat perfectly summarize my current mental (and maybe physical lol) state. I've got a LOT of plans this weekend. And things are ... maybe humming along ok? Except I have that distinct feeling like one little misstep could send everything awry.

Today is a dressage clinic with Stephen Birchall at Austen's barn. I am PUMPED about it. Seriously. It had to be rescheduled from the blizzard we had not so very long ago, but all signs point to it being a solid outing.

And tomorrow is the fix-a-test clinic at OF. Wherein organizers agreed that I could ride Prelim-A in rising trot. I'm really looking forward to that, especially since the judge has seen me and Isabel go a couple times now, but not since last spring / early summer.

So. Ya know. We've kinda come a long way since then. And I'm eager for feedback.

So why am I so worried about that one little misstep? Eh. Idk, really. Maybe it's some vague carry over from literally misstepping out of my trailer and breaking my leg?

Or, uh, maybe it's more specific. Like how I kinda accidentally sorta maybe fried Isabel's brain last night attempting to do those little shallow canter loop thingys in WAY too small of an area. Oops. 

I mean, she was good and neither of us had a melt down or anything.... But it wasn't pretty and I would have been better served by simply moving on to something else. And it ultimately (tho prematurely) concluded our ride, since not much else was gonna happen after that. 

We'll see, tho. Isabel is famous (to me, at least haha) for pulling it together for an audience - she LOVES putting on a show. So hopefully our less-than-stellar school last night will be erased from memory and we'll knock the socks off all those giant fancy warmbloods :D

Do you have a very busy weekend too? It always feels like everything suddenly becomes double booked at the first sign of spring lol.


  1. I can't wait to hear all about it!! Im totally living vicariously through you. I love the GIFs. Keep them coming!

  2. I'm excited for how the dressage clinic goes! (I am not even remotely being sarcastic. This is genuine excitement.)

    Saturday: laundry (in progress), clean old truck (for sale), finish painting jump poles, feed/visit horse, do birthday outing with the fella (his birthday, not mine).

    Sunday: show truck to buyer, feed/ride horse, drop the Scary Tree, start to build the step jump, do homemade pasta for Sunday Dinner at Lala's house.

  3. My friends and I are famous for attempting to fit three weeks worth of stuff into one weekend. Results:epic photos, memories, happiness, and a healthy dose of exhaustion, may the force be with you!

  4. Have a blast!! Wish I could be there with you!!

  5. Good Luck! You and Isabel are gonna rock the house!

  6. Work it ladies!! You'll do great!

  7. I'm pumped to hear about the clinic! I'm riding with him on the 21st!

    1. Also, I showed that first gif to my husband and we had a good laugh.

  8. What did we do before gifs??? LOL! I can't help but wonder how people caught those events on camera- I mean seriously- cat tripping? Cat falling into tub? I swear my cats stop doing anything funny when they see I've started videoing them! 😂

  9. I LOVE all of your gifs - especially the last one in this series. :) I previewed your blog post after this, so I'm pretty sure everything went well, but I'll be happy to read about the deets!

  10. Hope your weekend went off without a hitch!