Thursday, December 24, 2015

santa hat shenanigans !!!

'Tis the season for subjecting our creatures to ornamentation and decoration for our own personal glee and photo albums. Muahaha.

tolerant and FESTIVE pony! (an OF lesson pony, maybe Nikki? could be wrong about that tho)

Isabel does... not love getting dressed up. Haha. Hahaha.

"bah humbug" - isabel the grinch
Particularly, she strongly dislikes wearing hats.

oh no, it's going!!
You can't say I didn't try tho! Poor princess and the nonsense she stoically tolerates lol...

..... and gone....
Bali, however, has proven much more compliant with my ridiculous shenanigans. 

christmas cheer?
And obviously I can rationalize my childlike behavior by saying it's all part and parcel of turning him into a broke kid-friendly horse.

cheerful green! just, ya know, ignore that it's the wrong shape, and that it has someone else's embroidery on it lol
He got fully dressed up in another of my new-to-me saddle pads too. This time in a pleasant green with taupe binding and white piping. Never mind that it's got embroidery on both sides that definitely doesn't come close to matching with my own initials, or my horse's show name.

Alas, my leg doesn't bend enough for the stirrup length most comfortable for my jump saddle, so I've been riding exclusively in my dressage tack. And this is obviously not a dressage pad. Whatever. It's the right color and that's all that matters!

infinitely patient pony is infinitely patient
And I'm pretty sure Bali would have stood around all day wearing that thing. In fact I was thisclose to leaving the hat on him for our trail ride too, but would have been devastated if he shook it off in the middle of the woods bc there's no way in hell that I'm fit for getting on and off on random logs with a 5yr old OTTB (even tho technically he's easier to get on than Isabel...).

adorable, right?
So we just settled for some pictures instead.

the ear fuzz gets me every time
I think my favorite thing about Bali might be that he snuggles and cuddles. What a sweetie. Santa, if you're reading this - all I want for Christmas is.... well, a few things lol ;)

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!


  1. Awww, super cute photos. Merry Christmas!

  2. So fun! I've been eyeballing a reindeer Santa hat for Stinker...

  3. Great pictures. Merry Christmas from Violet (who also does not do decorations) and I!

  4. Sooo cute! Happy Holidays to you!

  5. bali is soooo cuterz. what a good sport. merry christmas!

  6. bali is soooo cuterz. what a good sport. merry christmas!

  7. These are so awesome! Merry xmas from me and my herd :)

  8. Isabel, why??? You look so cute! Seriously loving these. Christmas pics are the best.

  9. So cute! I hope Santa brings you everything you're hoping for :)

  10. Damnit Santa, bring Emma the fuzzy eared horse! Please!

  11. Such gorgeous photos ♡♡♡♡

  12. But at least the boot is off, yay!

  13. horses in santa hats never gets old <3


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