Sunday, June 21, 2015

the cutest mare (also, show day!!)

Today is show day at MCTA's Starter Event hosted by Tranquility Manor Farms. This officially marks our third BN outing, and sixth ever starter trial. Sadly Isabel and I will be there on our own... but with any luck maybe a barn rat or two will show up to spectate? 

Per usual, I have a couple goals for today - obviously first and foremost is for us to have fun and enjoy ourselves! (a close second is finishing with a number, not a letter...)

aww don't pout izzy!
But... I want to set the bar a little higher this time. A quick perusal of my events page shows that we actually have a pretty spotty record. In summary:

  • Sept 2014 @ Intro - finished on dressage score
  • Oct 2014 @ Intro - did not complete, RF on cross country
  • May 2015 @ Intro - completed with penalties in stadium (one rail)
  • May 2015 @ BN - completed with penalties in cross country (refusal)
  • June 2015 @ BN - completed with penalties in cross country (refusal)

The rail in stadium doesn't bother me. I mean, obvi I'd rather that not happen... but I'm not ready to start setting goals of going clear in stadium at this point. However the refusals on cross country DO bother me. Especially that second one at Waredaca...

there, that's better
That's the kind of record you see and wonder if the horse/rider pair are actually ready for the level, ya know? 

But I *feel* ready. I believe Isabel and I have the experience, tools, and skills necessary for safely and competently navigating a beginner novice cross country course. Whether or not I'm fully leveraging those tools and skills on course might be a different question tho... 

the very cutest!
So today's goals? Beyond having fun and finishing with a number, I want to go clear** on cross country dammit. This should NOT be a problem if I ride the way I know how. And, if I AM riding the way I know how, we should also score below 40 on dressage. 

These is my goals, and it is purely my responsibility to make them happen. Wish us luck!! 

**a quick clarification: this is also our first timed cross country course, but I have zero intention of riding for time and will not be wearing a watch. it is more important for me to focus on our ride and staying clear over the obstacles than worrying about time. therefore I will consider this goal met if we incur time penalties on xc but have no refusals


  1. They just posted last night that all divisions will be untimed d/t the footing:) You WILL accomplish those goals!!!!

    1. Thanks - I didn't see that but definitely feel better knowing that! (The storms were CRAZY!) fingers crossed everything goes well!

  2. You go, girl! (And Izzy too!)

  3. Get it girl!!! You are more than capable!! When in doubt, grab mane, kick, and pray!

    1. thanks! haha grabbing mane and kicking is my forte ;P

  4. Good luck, I know you guys are gonna rock it!! Can't wait to hear all about it :)


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