Sunday, February 22, 2015

show time!

So today's supposed to be the rescheduled fix-a-test dressage show. Our entries got in just in the nick of time - bc this show filled up FAST (another barn mate was not so lucky...). 

Good thing they didn't exclude us bc I got the entry fee wrong... oops! The times are perfect too - since we'll be doing the morning chores at our farm before heading over.

The temperatures are expected to reach a balmy 39* (the highest in recent memory), except it could be raining most of the morning... Plus, we, uh, got some *more* snow and ice yesterday.... which (at the time of this writing) means it's still possible that we'll scratch if the roads are bad.

Also not sure what that's going to mean for footing in the outdoor warm-up arena, but we'll find out one way or another, I guess. 

Hopefully the roads will be clear and the rain will stop when expected, while still softening up anything that might yet be frozen! 

Wish us luck - both in our classes and in even getting to the show at all!


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