Saturday, December 13, 2014

Review: DaVinci Web Anti-Slip Reins

I put the new (to me) noseband with flash attachment on my bridle to check it all out. Haven't ridden in it yet, but even if the flash doesn't work out I'll probably keep the noseband bc it's padded and nicer than the flat hunt-style cavesson I've been using. 

The leather matches prettttty closely - and close enough for me, as my bridle is already quite the Frankenstein's monster. Case in point: the only original parts are the cheek pieces and crown piece/throat latch. The browband is Nunn Finer and the new noseband is Plymouth (both consignment), and the reins are DaVinci. 

Tack ho's - avert your eyes!
the horrifying monsta

We didn't actually ride bc the arena lights didn't work. Ughhhhh. So here's another week where we only had one light ride between lessons... Isabel's still fairly fit, but that's changing. Is it really fair to do one big intense ride a week, and nothing else? Plus, is that a good use of my funds? I'm feeling pretty frustrated and a bit defeated about this, and will hopefully think of something soon... (or someone will fix the lights? plz??)

Alas, we just played dress up and spa time for the evening. And I noticed squishy bumps on Isabel - one on each side where the bareback pad girth sat. Uhhh what?? I got a cozy girth cover for the bareback pad, and could keep the girth a little looser... but now I'm not really sure I want to use it again. I guess we'll see how quickly the bumps go down (at least they're not hot or sensitive)... Until then, I'm not interested in putting a girth on that... Boooo.

two views of the same side. the other bump (don't say the H word!!) is a bit smaller. sigh...

Soooo I'm gonna go stand in a corner and cry for a little while. In the meantime, here's a review of the DaVinci reins I use!!

My dressage trainer wasn't thrilled with the laced reins I was using previously, and encouraged me to get notched reins so I could more easily maintain rein length. 

I opted for the DaVinci reins last May for a few reasons: they're inexpensive (I didn't see much point in putting super nice reins on a cheapo bridle) and I liked the look of them. 

image from horselovers. the reins look pretty much exactly like this.
logo is imprinted on one rein near the bit attachment and is fairly subtle 
 webbing goes all the way to the buckle. the gray strips are rubber
reins are broken in and flexible, but still look same as new after 7 months regular use

My thoughts:

  • Leather is predictably waxy and cheap, but there is actually very little leather on the reins. Just a couple inches near the bit ends and the grips every few inches. 
  • The reins have buckle ends (my preference), which are a little stiff, but pliable.
  • Leather martingale stoppers are already attached.
  • Two raised rubber strips provide plenty of grip - but don't tear up my gloves or hands. 
  • The webbing cleans up perfectly with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • I don't love the white stitching - but don't care enough to go over it with a brown permanent marker, which I'm fairly confident would do the trick.
  • The reins are thin and lightweight and are equally comfortable for me with or without gloves.

Would I recommend

Yep! They are exactly what I was looking for, were the right price, and have held up nicely. The reins are certainly not the nicest on the market - and aren't for folks who need premium leather above all else. But I'm first and foremost a functional gal and these reins work. 

What I paid in 5/2014: $23.95 + free shipping
Available on ebay through horselovers as DaVinci Web Anti-Slip Reins - Dark Brown - 5-8 x 54. Price: $31.94 (free shipping). I've also seen them show up on Tack of the Day.


  1. Izzy looks do pretty! #model

    Good luck with bump!

    1. aw thanks! the bump is looking less suspicious now - thank god!

  2. Great review - and for what it's worth, I love your Fraken-bridle :)

  3. Ginger owns a franken-bridle too - those reins sound perfect for hers/our wet weather!

    1. the reins have been great for all kinds of weather so far - not slippery at all!

  4. Franken-bridles are the best & I think it looks fan on Miss Izzy.
    Hope her bumps go down and that the arena lights get sorted soon. Good review on the reins, glad they are working so well for you ☺

    1. thanks! and i'm hoping the bumps go away and the lights are fixed too... so annoying lol

  5. Ahh that sucks that the girth caused welts... is the girth different from your normal one? Maybe you could just switch it out?

    I totally get how you feel about the riding. Due to the weather (rain all week) I'm beginning to feel like a weekend warrior. That's not going to help make Chrome's stifles stronger. :( Can you not ride in the dark? Some nights there is enough light from the moon and stars to make it really pleasant to ride at night, but on cloudy, cold, drizzly nights... no thanks! I've even considered getting a headlamp, but I'm not sure how that would effect his eyesight...

    1. Some people use headlights... But mostly there are just so many monsters out in the dark (just ask Isabel lol)... And the bareback has canvas straps attached as a girth - and no billets to attach something different. I can try using covers tho


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