Thursday, November 20, 2014

november's 10 questions

Another set of questions from the prolific and ever diligent L. Williams at Viva Carlos

1. Have you ever owned a horse?
Not yet. But a girl can dream!!

2. What is your favorite aspect of your discipline?

I'm new to eventing. I was drawn to this sport bc it requires horses and riders to be well rounded and versatile, but doesn't get bogged down in style over function. 

fan-girling on Phillip Dutton while jump judging the prelim course at the MCTA Horse Trials at Shawan Downs this summer

3. What pet peeves do you have concerning your discipline?

Again, I'm a too new to have a lot of baggage. I hear frustration from riders in the lower levels who are ready to jump higher, but don't have solid enough dressage to actually move up a level. This isn't something that affects me personally.

At the upper levels, I hear concerns about the safety of horse and rider. That the format of the sport has changed over time so that competing horses aren't actually as fit as they used to need to be. Then combined with incredibly challenging xc courses, the danger becomes very real.

4. Do you do barn chores?

I do the Saturday morning chores (stalls, water, hay, sweeping) and Sunday morning feeding and chores at Isabel's barn. I've always liked working at barns, and find it both mentally and physically rewarding. Plus I like that it creates more interaction and socializing with other barn mates and horses that I might not know otherwise.

'hello, yes, we are hungry. plz feed us.'

5. What is your least favorite barn chore?

If I have slave labor lesson kids helping, I usually foist off the water chores and sweeping first. Dragging around muddy hoses and coiling them up is definitely not my favorite! Tho this is a little cruel to make the kids do in the winter... (plus they're sloppy and splash water everywhere, leading to ice in freezing temps)

ughhhhh. too soon.

6. What do you consider the worst vice in a horse?

Horses that risk bodily injury to themselves in an attempt to evade the rider. Rearing comes to mind here. I also get frustrated with horses that have perfected the art of dumping their rider. Some of them have surgical precision!

7. What saddle brand is your favorite?
My knowledge here is limited. I've had favorites at previous barns, but never knew what they were (almost guaranteed that none were very fancy). Had an HDR of my own for a while and liked it well enough, but sold it since it didn't fit Izzy and was just gathering dust in my trunk. 

8. Do you ride with a quarter sheet in the winter

Nope. Never felt the need (esp bc once the arena freezes we pretty much can't ride anyway). 

9. Does your horse wear boots? What kind?

Isabel wears velcro-on bell boots for the trailer. Under saddle, she has neoprene splint boots up front, and hard shell fetlock boots behind (and has been known to interfere behind when she's due for the farrier). I'm not really satisfied with the current boots, tho, and will hopefully be upgrading this situation before next season! 

boots visible here

10. Full seat or knee patch breeches?

Either or. My show pants are knee patch, but could just as easily be full seat. I'm loving my full seat pipers for this cooler weather, tho I'll eventually switch to my knee patch fleece lined Kerrits for full winter.


  1. Since you wear full seat breeches maybe you can answer the question what are they for? I've never worn them and the only thing I've heard them used for is the extra stickiness in the saddle. Are they comfortable? Would the extra stickiness work on a suede seat or is it only on leather?

    Great answers!!

    1. i think they're comfy - and yes they are stickier. my impression is that the extra grip comes from the pants material (ie, a grippier texture or surface) - so it's not totally dependent on saddle material (mine is synthetic, for instance), tho some saddles may grip better than others. i also think they're warmer :)

    2. Cool! Now I seriously want a pair lol. :D

    3. Go for it! Maybe an early holiday present to yourself lol :)

  2. Frozen water and hoses are the worst. What I wouldn't give for hot water and heated buckets at the barn!

  3. Coiling hoses is the worst! I hope you post about your boot upgrade decision/thoughts.

    1. i definitely will! i've got my eye on the majyk equipes, tho i know a few other bloggers will likely beat me to the chase and *hopefully* get reviews up too!!

  4. full seats are great for cooler weather!

    1. i had totally forgotten that detail over the years - and am so pleased to be reminded now lol

  5. Great set of questions and answers. Muddy hoses are yuk! Also I think I have the same pair of Kerrits you's the super soft-feeling one right?

    1. yes!!! mine are black and fleecey and i LUV them. they were actually the first pair of breeches i started wearing regularly again after santa gave me a gift card :)

  6. I love reading these kinds of posts. Also Phillip is one of my favs! And so is Boyd Martin and Buck Davidson. Since I don't own a horse yet I too don't know much about what saddle brands I prefer as I only ride in what the person has for that horse.

    1. that's pretty much how i've always done it with saddles too... over time you start to learn what you like and dislike, but i've never been too picky. and yea, i was so thrilled to watch phillip that day - i think he had four or five horses in the prelim division :)

  7. icy trough something I hope to never deal with lol

  8. Replies
    1. no :( definitely not my favorite!!