Saturday, March 28, 2015

TOABH - Metamophosis

Another week, another blog hop in anticipation of Archie's big 18th bday!


We've talked about what your horse doesn't like to do, and I don't want to confuse this with that.  I'm not talking about personality quirks or training foibles.  Tell me:  if you could change something (or things) about your horse, what would you?

So. Hm. What would I change in Isabel? (*scratches head...*).

I tend to like bigger horses... but I also actually really like the way I fit Isabel. 

Her feet are solid and she's essentially sound and an easy keeper (knocking on wood!).

I don't know much about conformation, but she seems to be nicely put together and is quite sturdy. Tho perhaps there could be more hind end strength? I worry a little bit about arthritis in her hocks... but past trainers have backed me away from the ledge and said that the best thing for her longevity is to consistently work correctly, rather than intervene medically.

pic from last summer

So. Uh... I really don't know? I generally have a 'love the one you're with' kind of attitude, and Isabel's petty good as she is - even if she's not the type of horse I ever imagined for myself. 

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