Sunday, January 11, 2015

top 5 from 2014 - shamelessly stolen from PWS

So Carly from Poor Woman Showing compiled a highly hilarious post on her top 5 photos of 2014. 

And um... I'm gonna go ahead and jump on that bandwagon too (or - as said in my poorly spelled comment on that post - 'I'm going to still the idea'... lol) :)

Alas, Isabel can't touch Bobby's sense of humor, grace or refined elegance - but she's been known to have a few, uh, *classy* moments of her own. 

failed so hard it had to be meme'd

sure, it's pretty and mimics classical style a la Stubb... but uh this 'style' of galloping was disproved by photography in 1878. get with the program isabel.

'omg don't touch the oxer!!!!!'

'i am become carousel horse'


But, ever the optimist, I like revisiting nicer moments too. So here are my 5 favorite memories captured on film too:

Isabel is ON the trailer!! And we were deemed road worthy!!! This is pretty much the beginning of the end, and Isabel's expression says it all.

We completed our first ever horse trial!! WITH a ribbon - bonus!!! I wanted a nice posed picture of us facing the camera, and Isabel was not complying - both ears back and a dull expression... but then suddenly we caught this sweet candid moment. I luvs it. 

This wasn't necessarily the scariest xc jump we've done - nor was it the one I've been most worried about... But the difference is that we didn't just survive - no. Isabel DOMINATED this bank. Good mare! 

Lol. Not sure what the appeal is here... but I love it. 'nuff said.

Obviously this one is dear to my heart - since the blog's banner uses a variation of it :)

Thanks for the inspiration Carly! Other updates to come later on what actually ended up happening this weekend...


  1. "Muybridge is a liar"
    -- Isabel

  2. The carousel horse picture is pretty much the best ever.

    1. i'm pretty sure i giggled myself silly during the act

    2. Agreed - I can hardly handle how awesome that pic is! Awesome posts ladies!

  3. This is so fun! I love the "moooo" picture.

  4. I love the stubbs impersonation, but the carousel pony remains my favorite lol

  5. I might have to "still" it too because the weather has been bad I have no pictures or interesting stories to post!! *pout* I LOVE these pictures! I hope I can find some good ones to post. The meme is my favorite hehe.

    1. yes do it!!! this weather really is such a bummer (it's sleeting her now.. boo) we gotta find something to laugh and giggle at!!

  6. Love these :)
    You guys always have epic media to share!

    1. haha thanks! i do love snapping as many awkward pics as i can!

  7. Replies
    1. yay haha - isabel is good for that every now and then - much to her own dismay lol


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