Wednesday, January 7, 2015


In what has become one of my favorite blog hop series, we've got another post from Beka in anticipation of Archie's birthday!!

What is your horse's absolute favorite thing?  Outside of riding!  Are there treats that instantly convert your pony into an addict or liniments that leave him yawning and chewing?  What does your horse just love to have?

Haha. What does Isabel love? Food. Period. 

I would be lying if I tried to come up with anything else. 

Isabel would be satisfied if she never had another grooming again. Body work is ok, but kinda too much work, in her opinion. She enjoys showing off to audiences, sure, and she's a proud girl who enjoys attention and ribbons and getting the job done. But ultimately, it's food. 

All food. Any food. Always.

who says you can't graze in the winter?

these maybe top the treats list. i have yet to snap a pic of this year's haul, but it's two HUGE buckets of candy canes lol.

she'll even share with the cats! (and has actually gobbled up kitty kibble before... much to her dismay lol)

time for a quick riding break. she's clearly doing us a favor by trimming the trees

day time. night time. all the time.

this is our pre-show ring routine. yes ppl look at us strangely

she even liked peanuts for a couple days

options are the BEST - hay? grass? water spiked with gatorade??? yes plz to all of it!

she's never met a bucket she didn't like

hard to see - but that's a BRANCH that she's carrying around with her in the woods
even pink powdery food is acceptable, sorta

mmm slobbery grasssss. ain't nothing better than that!


  1. Isabel and Dino are kindred spirits!

  2. Replies
    1. lol isabel is funnier than she realizes - and probably would resent the laughing... but too bad!!

  3. Sounds just like Ypke! Love the photos - too cute :)

    1. haha thanks - i somehow suspect many of our little pony friends are equally food motivated lol

  4. Haha, so cute! Mine is pretty serious about her diet too. :)

  5. "She's never met a bucket she didn't like". Perfect. Love it! That girl likes her curves and they ain't going anywhere!

    1. lol that's absolutely the truth!!

  6. So many candy canes!!! I snuck one to Archie last night and he spat it out and gave me a horrified look. I love them. Why can't he love them?

    I appreciate your little hoover vacuum! She's just helping. Cutting down the feed costs.

    Thanks for enjoying this series so much. :) I appreciate it!

    1. how on earth could he NOT like candy canes??? what a silly guy!

      and yes - isabel is definitely allllll about helping us out with feeding haha. thanks so much for hosting the series!!!

  7. So many hilarious pictures!
    Thanks for sharing ☺☺

  8. Hehe I love all of the eating pictures!! I don't think I have a quarter of that many of Chrome eating, well except for grazing. We have lots of grazing pictures. :)

    1. i have soooo many grazing pictures too lol -- esp since it's izzy's favorite activity