Saturday, January 17, 2015

stuff for sale!

My 'stuff for sale' page is back up in action! Please leave a comment either here or on that page if you are interested in anything you see. All prices include shipping!

Custom Leather Field Boots - $70 (includes shipping)
Size: 7.5
Calf: Regular

These boots were custom made for my first trainer. I bought them in 2003 and they took me through IHSA and all the showing I did in college. They are COMFORTABLE! You can wear them around all day long, and they are buttery soft on the inside and already broken in! 

They sadly no longer fit over my calves... otherwise I'd totally keep them forever. As such, tho, perhaps they will suit you? These are pull-on boots, and one of the interior hook straps detached long ago, so one boot is pulled on with a single hook. This was never a problem for me.

There are many more pictures (all from the same dark photo shoot) on the 'stuff for sale' page. If you are interested, but want day time photos - just leave a comment letting me know!

action shot!

Optional add-on: Boot Jack & Hooks! - $10 if purchased with boots, $15 otherwise.

These are in tip-top shape, with the exception of my initials written in sharpie. 

Tropical Rider Enduracool Breeches w/Clarino Knee Patch - $40 (includes shipping)
Size: Large (size guide)
Color: Lilac

These pants are new with tags. Visit the Tropical Rider website for more information. 

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