Saturday, July 13, 2019

weekend watching

I dunno about all y'all, but I'm hoping for a weekend of abundant horsing haha. Which, actually got a head start already when I had my first lesson with a new Grand Prix dressage trainer a couple days ago. I don't want to spoil things but it mayyy have been a game changer lol. Details to come later.

In the meantime, it's business as usual. Except hot hot. Considering Charlie-specific media has been a bit lacking lately, I thought I'd trawl the archives for something that might be at least entertaining over the weekend.

Who remembers when Austen and I drove down to Great Meadow in The Plains, VA to meet up with Megan K almost exactly 3 years ago to the day? We had a wonderful day of enjoying the special magic of making friends over the internet, all while spectating upper level cross country at an event that was also highlighted as a Nation's Cup team competition.

Notably -- this particular event was required for all US Olympic team and reserve riders. Not unlike last weekend's MDHT that required all the Pan American Games team and reserve riders (if you recall, the US has yet to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 games, so the Pan Ams are kinda our last shot....) (also notable, this event required no youths to ride young horses over very large fences at speed, before said youths really understand the idea of mortality or consent to risk...).

ANYWAY. Great Meadow is something special -- the original post can be found here if you're into that sort of thing. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the video chock full of all the international heavy hitters and usual suspects ;)

Hope you all have an excellent summery weekend with ponies too! Any big plans on the docket?


  1. I’m looking forward to really quiet weekend of staying home and puttering around the farm. I can’t wait to hear about your lesson.

  2. Cross country schooling for me!!!

  3. Sweet that you had a great dressage lesson!!

  4. Aww I want to hear about your lesson!


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