Sunday, July 21, 2019


I swear I never used to be superstitious. I never felt like I was gonna "jinx" myself, or anything like that. Back in the Isabel days I'd talk for weeks in advance about whatever plans we had coming up. And, to some degree, I've wanted to do the same with Charlie.

Except.... Well. Things have a funny way of coming between me and my plans with Charlie haha, and over time I've grown more pessimistic. A little less likely to lay it all out there exactly what I plan to do, esp in terms of concrete competition schedules. Bc ya know, it kinda sucks always having to turn around and say, "whoops never mind!"

But then it ends up being a bit of a surprise when I randomly post on a Sunday that, "Oh hey by the way, Charlie and I are making our recognized debut today!"

so festive, yes?
Still, tho. It's exciting. I'm excited. A little nervous and anxious. Not least because I failed to check the forecast until after I clicked "submit" on that extra pricey non-refundable po$t entry. And ahem, again, as has been a theme around these parts for the past week or so, it's worth mentioning that it's HOT out right now. Very very hot.

Definitely sub optimal conditions. But dammit, I don't really want to add "un-fair weather" to the list of disasters that have derailed our plans and forced the forfeiture of all those fees. So. As of this writing (again with the superstition!) we are gonna do it.

i love the decorations <3 tho considering our history, i won't believe we'll actually make it to this start box until it's actually literally happening haha. sigh.
Actually, it's entirely possible that by the time you read this, I'll have already completed my rides. HOPEFULLY with a number. Please sweet baby cheebus may we just get some numbers. I don't particularly care what they are, to be honest. I would just like to conclude the festivities in the company of my horse, without making any dumb mistakes to otherwise get us eliminated.

We'll see how it goes. I already walked the course and collected all my obsessive meta data haha. It does not look like a cakewalk. But it *does* look like a test we've studied for. And not like, "late night cramming and probably still needs a crib sheet" kind of study either...

No no, it looks pretty good. Hopefully. Due to the extreme weather conditions, organizers slowed the times wayyyyyyy down. So even if I cared about riding for time (which, I don't at this point), I'd still have no excuse for making a stupid mistake bc of rushing. We will have the time to tackle what needs tackling.

So we'll see. Should you share some of my own same stalkerish tendencies, I believe Event Entries will be running live scores for the show ;)

this sweet new power adapter is coming with us to hopefully allow a box fan to run off my truck's cigarette lighter 
Anyway tho, as with any show there's all manner of other uncontrollable environmental factors that can have a big impact even tho they're not necessarily related to the five minutes spent in the show ring or on course or whatever. 

This weekend's biggest unknown is the weather. It's fucking nasty out. We're riding early, which is nice, except the humidity will be higher. Bc of the way my division is run, there's a longer than normal gap between show jumping and xc. Something that typically is not good for my mentality bc I want to keep moving and not give myself too much time to think.

But.... On this day it's actually a welcome break. It means that I won't have to wear my vest for SJ, and can take some time to sponge Charlie off and offer him fresh water before xc.

I also popped by Home Depot to add some new accessories to the trailer set up. Namely, another canopy tent thingy for shade, a new cooler for ice (FINALLY), and a box fan + power adapter so it can run off my truck's cigarette lighter. I've been assured that this probably WON'T kill my truck battery haha, but just in case my jumper cables are coming along too LOL.

and bc horse shows are exciting / scary, here's some sparkly stuff! this browband is FOR SALE, y'all!!
So. We're as ready as we're gonna get, yes? Which means that there's nothing left to do (as of this writing) but sit around twiddling my thumbs, looking for bright shiny objects with which I might distract myself from brewing an ulcer haha.

And thank god for Amelia at Dark Jewel Designs, bc she had just the ticket!!

virtually all of Amelia's work is custom made to order, but every now and then she can offer some ready made pieces
Amelia makes made to order browbands featuring custom designed bead work. On many of her browbands, the bead strands are actually interchangeable, so you can have a show ring strand and a fun strand, for instance. Or, if you're like me and have both brown AND black DJD browbands, you can still easily move your favorite bead strands from one bridle to the other.

Possibly my favorite feature of these browbands tho (aside from the frequent compliments they receive!) is the snap-on functionality. It's gotten to the point now where I legitimately resent my other browbands that still require the crown piece to be threaded through before attaching the cheeks... Like, c'mon it's not 1936 anymore, folks! Snaps are the future!!

look at how colorful the crystals are tho!
Lol for real tho, esp for those of us who have different bridles for different occasions, it's super easy to just swap a single browband around for all your black bridles or all your brown bridles. I have two complete jumping bridles - one with just a loose ring snaffle and one with my KK Ultra elevator bit - and I use the same browband for each. It's a cinch, I like it haha.

so pretty
But anyway, again most of Amelia's work is custom made to order. RARELY does she have something ready made. But... Evvvvery now and then she'll want to test out a new a idea or new style of bead. And so she'll whip up yet another one of these gorgeous browbands, and then offer it for sale.

the swoopy shape allows the slightly longer browband to still fit like a normal full size
So, lucky us, this happens to be exactly one of those moments! The above browband is black with white piping complete with the snap loops. It's sized Extra Full 17", although Amelia tells me that the drop style allows for a more flexible fit and that this will still fit on a normal Full size horse.

The gems are Swarovski Rivoli Crystals in Crystal AB, Crystal, and special color Tears of Isis. Set in chain setting, with the crystal strand securely sewn into browband (this is not an interchangeable strand).

Amelia is offering this lovely browband for $90 free shipping in the US. You can find her on Facebook or Etsy, or email her at Amelia.Pitts at yahoo for inquiry or if you have any questions.

Hopefully somebody will snap up this lovely piece!!

And in the meantime, hope you all are staying cool and having a nice weekend. And doubly hoping that I'll have good news to share come Monday!! ;)


  1. Good luck today! Be safe - it's hot!

  2. I'm sure you are done by now, but I hope it went well!! Can't wait to read your post about the event!!

    1. post coming tomorrow - it wasn't our day but that's ok!

  3. I hope all your studying made the test go very smoothly! And that the heat didnt murder a piece of you 🥵

    1. thanks haha... tho the heat may have won this round after all... womp

  4. I hope you had a successful day out, and you didn't get too hot!

    1. ooh it was hot tho. very hot. tough conditions for sure!

  5. I saw her post that browband, it is GOOOORGEOUS.

    1. isn't it, tho???? i keep drooling over the pics!

  6. That browband is insanely gorgeous and I texted you because I'm impatient :)

    1. lol thanks for your help choosing which pics to order ;)

  7. I guess I still live in the dark ages because I've never heard of a snap on browband =)
    Good luck, I hope the heat wasn't too bad.

    1. the snap on browbands are the light and the truth and once you've been converted you can never ever go back lol ;)

  8. I love Amelia's browbands! I have... a few. Six. Shut up.
    But really, I'm DYING to know about the show!

    1. eh the show.... eh, stories coming tomorrow.

      re: the browbands tho, yea i know that feel. i have one in each color of leather, plus a v-shape black one, but then multiple strands for all of them. maybe.... 6-7 strands total?? maybe more???? who knows, there's a lot!!


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