Tuesday, September 9, 2014

vacuum vacuum

Grooming played an important role in us getting to know each other. Isabel can be seriously rude (think: head butting and space invasion), and the word 'stand' still isn't really in her vocabulary. But the whole grooming process provided opportunities for me to start laying down ground rules and manners, and build general trust between us. 

More so than anything, I think getting her accustomed to the vacuum cleaner solidified her acceptance of me as a leader who probably won't get her killed. (at least on the ground... her acceptance of my general ideas as a rider came much later)

'ugh fine, whatever. nbd' - isabel

Does anyone else have a vacuum cleaner at their barn?? I LOVE these things. I've been fortunate enough to have one of these bad boys at most of the barns in my history, and still haven't really met a horse that can't be vacuumed. 

nothing cleans quite like it

They are the absolute best all year long, particularly during shedding seasons lol. Plus, you can switch the hose from the intake port to the exhaust port to make it a blow dryer (which is super helpful for sweaty ponies in the winter). 

If I ever end up at a barn without a vacuum, I would definitely campaign hard to buy one. They run around $600 new, which doesn't seem like much if a bunch of boarders chip in. 

her true feelings

I can't really say that Isabel truly *enjoys* the vacuum, but she tolerates it and it's definitely a standard part of our routine. We do a solid curry first to get everything loosened up, then a once-over with the vacuum, and finish by smoothing everything out with a body brush. 

 her game face

Honestly, the vacuum probably ranks as my #1 favorite grooming tool. What about you - what's your favorite part of grooming? Favorite tool?


  1. I haven't had access to a vacuum in years :( they are pretty awesome!

  2. I wish we had a vacuum! I settle for dry toweling in between currying and brushing.

  3. Have never had the luxury of using or even seeing one of these. But now I totally wants no NEED one!!!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! I've been wanting a horse vacuum for forever! I'm thinking about getting one of those 3 gallon shop-vacs and having the Hubs turn it into a vacuum for Spot. However, I'm pretty sure she's never been vacuumed before so it could get interesting.

    1. most horses get used to the vacuums surprisingly quickly! good luck :)

  5. Never tried one. Old fashioned brushing for me!

    1. and ain't nothing wrong with that! my first ever trainer (who introduced me to the vacuum) said that i should still be able to get a horse show-worthy without relying on the machine.... (still luv it tho!)


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