Friday, September 5, 2014

one more transformation, bc i wanna

Niamh from Life of Riley started an informal blog hop on transformations, and I already did a post showing our progress in dressage. But this is a big topic, and I wanted to look at Isabel's transformation from a more holistic perspective.

I've never really taken a proper conformation shot, and regret not doing so right when I first met Isabel. 

She's not really standing in a very, uh, flattering manner in this picture anyway, but it's pretty clear that she's got what some people might delicately refer to as a 'hay belly.' Less tactful people actually asked when the foal was due...

Still not the best picture (she's such a wiggle worm!!), but I see a pretty clear difference. 

Even just starting dressage has had huge physical impacts on Isabel - most clearly in her neck & shoulders. The increased focus on jumping since this spring hasn't hurt either.

But we also halved her feed (she gets fat off air, pretty much), and I'm pretty strict about her muzzle.

If I can remember, I'll try to get fairly regular confo shots from here out. Anybody have any tips on getting them to stand up nicely and taking the best shot?