Sunday, September 7, 2014

merry christmas

Isabel is highly food-motivated. 

*insert noms here plz*

Anything will do, really, but she luvs her some peppermints. They're probably not the best choice given her weight issues... but they sure are easy. 

And every year, right after the holidays, you can find boxes and boxes and boxes of candy canes on sale at your local pharmacy. 

My haul this year? I got about 400 candy canes (~30 boxes) for $15. In other words, $0.50 per box. That's essentially a year's worth of candy canes. 

all of the candy canes.

And surprisingly they haven't gotten super disgusting living in the trunk of my car this summer. They are a little sticky, sure, but not as gross or messy as I expected.

So for those lazy folk who spoil their already-rotund ponies... post-holiday candy canes really are the way to go. 

every day can be a  holiday when you have mountains of candy canes!!


  1. Christmas all year 'round! Too cute!

  2. Replies
    1. she certainly knows how to put on the charm!

  3. Hahaha, love her 'nom' face! I usually buy the leftover candy canes to make peppermint bark all year around and to put into my homemade horse cookies!

    1. haha there's a whole series of photos with her nose getting progressively closer and closer to the camera (she's also impatient)

      your peppermint bark and homemade horse cookies sound great - do you ever post recipes (i'm sadly hopeless in the kitchen, but it doesn't stop my from trying!)


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