Thursday, September 11, 2014

thank you!

Thanks everyone for adding your thoughts and insights to yesterday's post. It can be a tricky thing knowing that a problem exists - but not being sure if the problem is mine, or stemming from somewhere else. 

But maybe, more fundamentally, it doesn't matter what the root is? If there's a problem, something needs to change, right? 

In any case, you gave me a lot of food for thought - so thank you!! In the meantime, I've got time to mull it over while hangin out at the barns that are already high on the happy scale.

unrelated photo of equine, feline, and ppl friends- try to count them all!

Also in the meantime - I've got an exciting weekend of riding coming up, with xc schooling saturday, dressage lesson on sunday, and lesson with Dan Clasing on monday. (then probably a few days off for the princess)

 but first, maybe a trail ride :)


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