Saturday, September 6, 2014

auf der autobahn blog hop: what's in your tack trunk?

We've got another blog hop! auf der autobahn wants to know what's in our tack trunk!

For the actual tack (and a demonstration of my fab foto talents):

This my no-name, super plain cob-sized bridle. It's origins are a bit of a mystery; maybe I picked it up sometime during college? Whatever, it fits the horse. 

It's pretty ugly, but I sexed it up a bit with a Nunn Finer brass clincher brow band that mostly matches and rubberized notched web reins (at the specific request of my dressage trainer bc I can't seem to hold onto the damn reins...). Plus I frequently ride in a running martingale - also of the no-name variety, but it matches quite nicely.

The bit was my real splurge: a Herm Sprenger KK Ultra loose ring aurigan french link snaffle. #loveit

Isabel's owner rides her in a different (and much nicer) bridle, but it doesn't actually fit the horse (?) and has a waterford bit on it, which is a little much for Izzy. So I stick with my own bridle.

When I met Isabel, her owner was using a saddle that didn't fit at all. Arabs are apparently quite difficult to fit because of their short backs and huge rib cages. After some shopping, we ended up settling on a Wintec, which suits me just fine.

The fit still isn't quite ideal so I got a Shires Performance saddle pad from a barn mate. It's a little dingy but Iz loves the foam panels and goes really well in it. 

Then there's also my lovely DIY foam shims since the front of the saddle is a tad wide... 

This is pretty much my gear for all three phases. I would love a nice dressage saddle (or even a leather saddle that fits the horse) but I have a hard time justifying serious tack purchases for a horse that doesn't belong to me... (just ignore the fact that I bought a truck and trailer for same said horse lol).

All of my other odds and ends stay in my car, since I ride at three different barns and need my stuff at each of them.  

I present: my tack trunk car trunk

believe it or not, there's actually a method to this madness

There's a lot of stuff in that pic - and the first three bullets below are my every-ride stuff:

  • paddock boots + half chaps (the tall boots are in there too just in case I wanna feel fancy)
  • heavy duty grooming bucket (with purple cover, natch) that has all my brushes and hoof pick, front boots, hind fetlock boots, hoof dressing, absorbine botanicals liniment, my brand new ear bonnet (squee!!!), vetrolin shine spray, various treats for horses and people, rubber bands for braiding Isabel** when we travel, an extra lead rope, and a few other odds and ends that I feel compelled to haul back and forth from my car every. single. time.
  • tote bag with helmet, water bottle, gloves, and hair net (every ride every time)
  • xc vest
  • two random no-name horse-sized bridles (idk where I get these things from) plus extra reins
  • two more helmets (one with a crack - why haven't I just thrown it out????)
  • massive bag-o-candy canes (a story for another day)
  • spurs
  • so many polo wraps + brushing boots that are kinda meh
  • so many bits
  • a whole slew of crops that I never seem to use
  • extra sneakers
  • various coats, vests, rain jackets just in case, plus a million winter gloves & ear warmers
  • other extra odds and ends that aren't in regular rotation
  • folding chair
  • fly whisk
  • a couple ribbons from Rochester bc duh, satin
  • (also, my car keys, when the rest of the car is locked, more often than I care to admit. yay for super confused locksmiths eyeballing the ponies)

**why yes, she luvs my french braiding skillz

Plus... there's all the stuff in my rig: many more saddle pads, buckets, hay nets, more polos, first aid stuffs, dressage whip, extra halters/leads/fly masks, collapsible saddle rack, emergency sneakers.... ya know how it goes. (now that I think about it, maybe one of those extra bridles should go in there, just in case?)

So yea, I may be a slight hoarder... especially for someone who has never owned a horse. But I will someday... so in the meantime I just keep on collecting lol


  1. I love those Herm Sprenger KK Ultra bits. I wish they were 1/3 of the price, though!

    1. ain't that the truth. my trainer once found one on consignment and the person who had checked it in apparently didn't recognize the brand, and marked it as $40. what a steal!

      so they're apparently out there for less $$s if you're looking :)

  2. this is exactly why i wanted to do this post! now i know there are grooming tote covers (where do i find one?!?) and that you posted about buying a truck and trailer (going to live vicariously through you!). yay, thanks for hopping on board!

    1. thanks for doing the hop!!! that tote cover is pretty much my favorite thing ever - it came *with* the heavy duty grooming tote (with metal handle!!) for $8 at a consignment shop. definitely a great snag. (you can find it on amazon for about $12)


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