Saturday, November 14, 2020

doing charlie things

This year hasn't really gone to plan for.... well, most of my friends or family. And probably not really for most of you either.

i firmly believe this is charlie's effort to pick a flower for me, and nothing you say will change my mind <3
But ya know, it's been another year, all the same. The passage of time is relentless and merciless, and we might as well mark it as we see fit, right?

we inspected a lot of machinery this year -- like this abandoned mountain bike
So for my birthday this year, I'm appreciating some of those quieter moments - from the softer side of Charlie.

and this 4-wheeler -- which apparently wasn't nearly as spooky as THAT OTHER ONE
Which.... Let's be real, haha. Every side of Charlie is soft. 

charlie has always loved tractors tho <3 <3 <3
So... lol, let's just focus on what I have hogging up space on ye olde camera phone. And thus in need of transference to this here internet photo album. 

Like alllllllll these pictures of Charlie being weirdly interested in mechanical objects, lol.

aww senior pictures <3 <3 <3
Or, maybe more nicely, these photos of Charlie stepping up as Senior Picture Model & Accomplice for his best friend and super groom this past summer. 

We took literally hundreds of pictures and they all turned out so so so beautifully, and I'm so grateful for this horse who makes friends wherever he goes <3

takes his job as pony ride extraordinaire so seriously tho
Because, really, there's something so gratifying about seeing this creature who gives me so much joy personally -- be able to spread that happiness with everyone else too. 

Like when he steps up to bat as pony ride mount <3! This intrepid youngster has actually had quite a few lessons... but was still a bit stunned into apprehension by Charlie's sheer mass and volume. 

the best at sharing with friends - esp the little ones!
Tho, obvi, Charlie is as patient as the day is long. And didn't move a muscle until said youngster was settled securely into place. Upon which moment she absolutely fell in love with this new heightened perspective of the world around her, and had to be coerced by pony kisses in order to get off and give mom a turn too LOL....

Which... Let's be real, is the absolute cutest. 

There might be a lot wrong with the world, and a lot about this year that didn't really go the way any of us expected. But there's something really really important to be said about having the right pieces and partners and friends with you along for the ride <3


  1. LOL on the love hate relationship with wheeled machines! And I'd forgotten how perfect that letter you wrote to super groom is. <3

    It's a good time to be reviewing what we are all grateful for. I can think of one big thing you left off of your list tho... ;D

    1. lololol definitely LOTS to be grateful (and relieved!) about these days ;P

  2. I hope you have a happy birthday Emma!

  3. What a good boy Charlie with his tiny kid! And happy birthday!

  4. I love horses that just spread the love. Irish is like that too. And happy birthday!

    1. honestly they're just such special animals <3

  5. Happy birthday! Charlie is such a special boy, and it so lovely you can share him with those who appreciate him the most.

    1. thanks! and i'm so grateful that he's just such a good dude <3 <3

  6. Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing Charlie with us!

  7. Happy Belated!!! I'm glad you have Charles to spend your day with. While this year was pretty terrible all around, it really has been kind of nice to stay close to home and really appreciate what's right around us. Especially the tall kids!

    1. definitely agreed -- way back in march i had exactly zero thoughts that maybe come november we'd still be doing covid birthdays.... but here we are, and ya know. thank god for the horses and other small things to keep our perspective!!


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