Thursday, November 26, 2020

corona-alona, thanksgiving style

It's kinda surreal looking back on the year. Remember those interminable days of March? The sweet innocence of April where we mused that "some say it could go through July!".... Then the sudden rush of denialist freedom as things opened up for the summer. 

Only for it to now be... Well, the start of holiday season, and, somehow, December already next week. 

My typical thanksgiving tradition includes two big dinners in one day -- one with each of the main branches of my absolutely enormous family. 

Obviously tho, this is not a typical year. And, just like for many of you out there, we're not having any big family feasts this time around. Frankly, probably not for Christmas either. 

We're choosing to stay apart now, so that we may all be present later. Or ya know, that's the idea at least!

Naturally, tho, there will still be some good food involved haha. I know I'm not the only one who has had to up her home cooking game this past year haha. 

And there's a lot of things I'm willing to sacrifice for the greater good. But, dammit, pumpkin pie is not one of them

We have to draw a line somewhere, for chrissakes!!!

Lol... Just kidding. Sorta...

For real, tho, it's still gratitude season. And if anything, this current environment and past year have put a pretty sharp focus on appreciating the stuff that's really important to us. 

Like wine.

Ahem, cough cough, I mean family. And friends. And obviously our beloved four legged critters, large and small.

So ya know. I'm grateful haha. And maybe secretly enjoying the excuse to take a year off from all those other contrived superficial commercialized forced-fun holiday related obligations too haha.  

Anyway, hope you all the US readers out there have a wonderful thanksgiving in whatever form it comes. And especially, I hope that -- if nothing else -- it at least includes some pumpkin pie!! 


  1. I am laughing every one of those memes. So thank you.
    I vaguely remember the optimism and naivety of spring last year (although I'm sure it was like 3 years since then) and now we're back to locking things down.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving anyway and eat lots of pumpkin pie.

  2. We bought a restaurant prepared meal for two. And made a pumpkin pie, of course! Not gonna lie - the circumstances suck, but I am not sad about the fact that I won't spend hours washing dishes and cleaning up this year. Happy Thanksgiving+

  3. Hhaha - can't beat cat gifs and memes. I hope you are able to enjoy some pumpkin pie.

  4. LMFAO as I scrolled though the perfect memes/gifs. ❤️

    Recently heard a scientist on NPR discussing that practicing gratitude is beneficial, even on the neurological/neurotransmitter level.

    Hope you enjoyed some pie!

  5. Call me a pessimist and a jerk.. lol pumpkin pie is awful and not as bad as pecan pie.

    (I also haven't felt like the pandemic would be over anytime soon since spring lol and I still don't feel very optimistic about it lol)

  6. I had a whole pumpkin pie ALL TO MYSELF! Thankful indeed. Haha!


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