Thursday, December 7, 2017

Favorite posts of 2017: Part II

Last week I shared some of my favorite posts of the past year (plus a few snuck in from 2016 during the early Charlie days, natch), organized by category. These aren't necessarily the posts with the most views or comments -- rather they're my own personal favorites.

The reality is, this year has been my least prolific as a blogger. Which... may surprise you if maybe you wish sometimes I'd drone on even less than I already do lol. But. Ya know. Sometimes it's hard to come up with compelling content that's enjoyable to write and read without rehashing the same ideas or happenings again and again and again.

Plus.... add in all that time off in the past few months and inspiration has been harder to come by. It's cool tho - I honestly derive a lot of pleasure from cataloging my horsey experiences here on ye olde blog. And am grateful to have so much detail of even the most mundane goings on documented here, bc yea I definitely go back and reread the old material often.

Like, while bringing Charlie back into work after rehab and he was creaky, kinda lame, and super sour about the work. That kinda freaks me out, ya know? But then I go back and reread where we were this time last year and.... Yea. We've been here before lol. And we can work through it. Just takes time. So thanks, blog, for reminding me of that!

So anyway tho, back to the point. Even tho this hasn't been a year of many posts (relatively speaking), there are still quite a few in there that I had a TON of fun writing, and a few that promoted a LOT of interesting discussion and commentary. Here are some more categories of my favorites for the year:

Just Plain Funny

Undefeated Champion of the World - Ok it's only really the first couple paragraphs that are giggle-inducing (and, uh, probably a lot of the pictures too bc let's be real). It's actually a show recap of Charlie's second ever outing - a schooling dressage show where he "owned" Intro B again.

Just Call Him Supaman - I dare you not to laugh at like.... every photo in this jump lesson recap. It's ok, I'm laughing too lol.

This Definitely Won't End Badly - This post would've been funnier if the embedded poll had worked (still sad about that, tbh). A tongue-in-cheek introduction to my newest innovation in safely mounting horses. That wayyy too many of you took wayyy too seriously, with many a comment warning me against my dangerous ways. Sheesh, folks, lighten up!

Shh, Nobody Tell Him! - Charlie thinks he's very fierce. Please nobody tell him any differently!

Watery Thoughts - This was the largest audience to witness an inauguration a blog post in history. Period. Believe me. Make water great again!

Need a Giggle? Have Some Fails - Title is self explanatory lol.

#CreepStar3000 - Me. In a golf cart. Chasing Liz and Griffin across their first ever cross country course. #thatswhatfriendsareforright? ((also, keen observers may have recognized this post as Crab Chip's Bast's first photo introduction to bloglandia)).

What Would George Morris Say? - Technically a blog hop (a category to be included in another round up) but this one..... too funny to leave off this list haha. Oh George. Oh Emma.... Oh poor long suffering Charlie!

Charlie's Best Bloopers - Also self explanatory.

Trailer Training

Trailer Loading Starts.... In The Arena - Charlie's first lesson with me, two weeks into ownership. This was intended to be a trailer loading session but instead became a more fundamental focus on introducing the horse to a new pattern of pressure and communication. The basis for all the work we've since accomplished.

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum - Charlie lets me know about his trailer preferences.

Get on the Bus, Charlie! - First off property adventure!!

It's My Birthday so I'll Buy if I Want To - I bought myself a new trailer for my birthday! Gosh I love this thing tho!

Update on the State of Trailer Training - Charlie's getting reliable but.... I'm kinda cheating.

Ground Work + Trust Building

Ground Work + Trotting Update - Where things stand with Charlie on all his general skills after three months and going into the new year.

Shaping - Another lesson with our favorite pro. And an in-depth review of the specific exercises we continue to practice with some regularity.

Sweet Air Adventures - Brita and I hauled out to a local state park for a real trail outing. This proved to be a sea change for Charlie, and he was a different horse returning to the trailer than he had been first setting out.

Amps + Damps - Making incremental changes to our typical gear and routine to help Charlie be the best he can be.

Takin' for Granite - He's still a green horse tho.

Exposure: Creeks + Gates - Charlie's got a lot to learn about the wider world beyond the track. Including what it means to be asked to tackle unexpected new challenges.

Shake it Off - Focusing on Charlie's emotional recovery even as we rehab him physically from his splint surgery.

General Training Updates, Progressions and Planning

Six Months of Charlie - A review of where he's been, what he's done, and what comes next.

Immediate Future - Planning out Charlie's introduction to eventing. It was an intense, ambitious plan that could have easily backfired. Hindsight is 20-20 tho, and Charlie flourished under this plan - rising to the occasion and some.

The Lines that Blur - Another discussion of how I wanted to balance Charlie's competitive outings between emotional and physical challenges, and how this meant kinda bouncing around between levels for a while.

Progress is Not Inevitable - Basically a progression post, with inspirational quotes for the text.

On Gratitude - Video summary of Charlie's and my best moments together.


  1. Your posts are always awesome to read. The variety and energy you put into your writing is apparent and I love being present for all of Charlie's ups and downs with you. :)

  2. I love your posts!!! I always learn something or leave with something new to ponder. These rehash posts are great too.

    1. yay thanks! i actually am really enjoying going back and rounding up all these older posts - it's fun to reread them again!

  3. Awww love all these throwback photos! I actually missed a couple of those posts - like the step ladder one lol And I really love your talking posts like when you're discussing theory and why this works or how it will work and what happened - you can ask all my close horsey friends and I do that DAILY. lol I love discussing that stuff! So I always love reading those posts of yours. Can't wait until we have more inspiration for posts, but I'm in the same boat - I'm doing the same thing kinda daily, so I don't want to bore people lol

    1. yea i definitely know what you mean. honestly tho i try not to let the idea of "boring people" stop me from writing if i want to write. bc even tho i tend to think i have a good memory.... lots of little details really are so easily forgotten, but then it's so useful to have that written record months later when something crops up and i need to remember how i handled it the last time or something like that. in that sense, all the writing really is for my own use and benefit, theoretically. plus... i just enjoy it haha. like you tho, i also really like the posts going beyond the day-to-day stuff and thinking more about the whys and hows behind this crazy hobby of ours lol. most of my favorites in that category were in the Part I philosophy section - there are some good ones!

  4. I love coming and reading your posts - it's so fun to see how you and Charlie have progressed :)

    1. thanks - it's so easy for me to be blinded to his progress when living day-to-day in the moment. thankfully the blog has all the good bad and ugly (and srsly fucking awkward lol) from the early days!

  5. I think you keep a good mix without getting windy or pedantic

    1. ha thanks - sometimes i think i get closer to that line than i want.... but ya know. sometimes i have opinions lol

  6. The Trumpisms post still puts me into fits of giggles. It's my favorite all-encompassing post of his quotes I've read on the internet. Period.

    And LOL my memory had lapsed regarding #creepstar3000 oh man, what a freaking hilarious day.

    Also, #crabchipforever

    1. ha i'm almost ashamed of the amount of research that went into the trump post lol.... but it was A LOT.

      also i have so many memories of hangin out with you at shows! others will certainly show up in other categories of future round up posts ;)

  7. I hear you on trying to write when it seems like it's the same thing over and over. 'I rode. Carmen was spooky. I triumphed. Yay me!' gets a little annoying after a while. :D
    That said, I have enjoyed all of your posts so don't stop.

    1. yea but that's horses, right? and all to often we get a shakeup from our annoying normal boring in exactly the opposite direction we might have wished lol -- thus making that 'boring monotony'... actually making kinda a good thing. and no worries, i'm not quitting blogging yet! ;)

  8. Your "Progress is not Inevitable" post came at a time I needed some inspiration. I'm currently in the "we trotted in a circle, again" phase but hopefully more exciting material is close on the horizon as Shiraz might be introduced to jumps soon!

    1. i'm so glad about that - it was an important post to write for me for my own reasons too. sometimes we just need that reminder, that kick in the pants! also yay for Shiraz jumping!!!!! plz get pictures!!!! :D

  9. Except for the temporarily broken Charlie stuff, this has been my favorite year for reading your blog! I just love that you're living the dream with your first horse of your own and that you're so happy.

  10. I really enjoyed your trailer series. Like L said, you keep a good mix! And yes, the Trump post was excellent!

  11. You may be one of the most organized people I have ever met. And I have enjoyed ALL your posts!!

  12. Omfg I'm still laughing at Creepstar3000! LOL!

    There's so much amazing Charlie in here. Like, so much. Man, it's been a hell of a long year with some hard stuff, but there was also some really good stuff in it. :)


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