Sunday, December 3, 2017

spoiler alert!

Happy Sunday, everyone - hope it's been a good weekend! We've been fortunate enough to have continued nice weather (daytime temps feeling balmy in the 50s) and Charlie and I finally got to capitalize by playing around with something we haven't seen in 10+ weeks: jompies!!!!

so fierce tho lol. charlie takes his job very seriously, ya know!
Yesssssss. Finally.

Feels so good to be able to ride Charlie over fences again. Obvi we kept it light 'n low, but ya know Charlie never really does much more than an exaggerated canter stride over small fences anyway haha.

And he was quite enthusiastic to be pointed at colorful sticks again. It was possibly a critical error to ride him in his plain loose ring snaffle on his dressage bridle instead of our normal elevator for jumping. Haha. Ahem.

All's well that ends well, tho. Full details to come (tho alas, limited media) - but in the meantime I'm just gonna be sitting here so freakin excited to finally be nearly back to normal!


  1. That's fantastic! I had a nice outing with Zipper yesterday (close to the road and in a clear field so's to avoid the deer hunters) in what turned out to be surprisingly nice weather. Then I took Genie (up-and-coming project horse) out for walkies during which time she did not try to bite me, did not try to kick me, and did not buck on the lead line. (All of those things happened the last time I had her out, with appropriate consequences each time. Genie is a relatively unhandled 3 yr old, 13hh pony mare but she is whip smart and shaping up quickly.)

  2. Yay! Glad to hear that you guys are back in jumper land!

  3. Yay Charlie! He looks very determined!

  4. Awesome!! Very happy to see you back to it again, I will be living vicariously through you guys the next couple months!


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