Friday, June 10, 2016

stuff i've had for a while part 3: horse gear + other miscellany

Ha, so no joke this post has been sitting in my drafts folder since February... follow these links for Parts 1 (show apparel) and 2 (schooling apparel).

Today we're talking mini reviews on other general odds and ends that I've picked up over the years and thought it might be worth expounding upon.

Horse Apparel and Miscellaneous Equipment :

Back on Track Saddle Pads (AP, colors Brown & White)

Picked these up off Tack of the Day (no joke, I had a serious addiction for a while!) a couple winters back and used them fairly religiously all winter long, and somewhat through summer.

They are nice pads that hold up well, and my mare seemed to go well in them. Do they have magical mystical ceramic properties? Idk. I mean, heat therapy is a real and legit thing, compared to some other claims made by equine products... but I can't point to anything that says they helped or hindered the mare and her comfort.

hearkening back to early last year, the test in which we set a PR that stood for a lonnnnng time, right up until MDHT this year

The pads are a little stiff and rubbed a bit near the bottom front corner, tho that went away after a saddle reflock so perhaps it wasn't truly the pads' fault...

Regardless, it's probably been literal ages since I used the brown one. Not for any real reason, other than it's a little thick and stiff and I've found myself more drawn to other pads. The white one still gets used for shows tho, even if it's technically the wrong shape for our dressage saddle haha.

Majyk Equipe Boyd Martin Cross Country Boots 

You know this post is old if these boots are on the list... They were nice and seemed well constructed, but just never quite fit the mare. Sold 'em earlier this year.

Woof Wear Sport Boots in White

Basically I <3 these boots. They've gotten a little dingy with near-constant use, but I just love the little extra flash of all white boots on my pretty little arab mare.

pictured: a little extra flash :)
Plus Isabel generally needs protection on all four, and all the way up her cannons, as she tends to knick the same spots over and over (and over ugh) again, regardless of what we're doing. These boots come with us to dressage lessons, trail rides, and have even bravely showed up to duty for an impromptu xc school.

They never turn, never rub, and couldn't possibly be easier to get on and off. I clean them by swishing around in a bucket, with the very rare full laundering, and hang dry. Only complaint is that the two pairs have slightly different color white strike pads (must have come from different batches) so I avoid making it obvious by keeping the colors matched for front and for back.

we've certainly gotten them a little dirty too, but they clean up nicely!

Compositi Stirrups

I actually wrote a brief review when I first got these (and shared my hilarious tale of woe about nearly eating shit after completing our first ever event, when I somehow didn't kick my foot all the way out of the stirrup upon trying to dismount... many laughs were had and fortunately nothing worse lol...).

The short story is that I really like these stirrups. They are very basic, economy-model composites. When I first started using them, they helped resolve some issues I had with losing my stirrups. And now I mostly don't even notice them, except to appreicate the lightness of my saddle when schlepping it back and forth to the trailer (that's actually maybe their greatest advantage haha).

If you're interested at all in giving composites a try, these are a great low-cost option.

can't even see the stirrups bc they're practically invisible muahaha. perfect for when you'd rather not draw attention to your permanently stuck-out toes!

Dover Trailer Hitch Cover

Mine is about three years old now, and other than seriously fading (but only on one side bc my trailer parks in the same direction always haha) it's still very good at its job. The cover easily fits over all the essential hitch parts and keeps them dry (even in monster storms), and the little strappy snappy thing keeps it from flying off in high winds.

5 out of 5, would buy again.

there's that hitch cover. suuuuper exciting folks!

Perhaps unusually for me, I will have a few more reviews coming sometime soon - including an update on how my Rolex haul is faring! 


  1. I love BoT for me and the pone pones!

    1. i am still lusting after the mesh sheet... maybe one day!

  2. Haha these the reviews I can get behind. Short and to the point.

    1. Lolz all I really care about is : do I use the thing or no?

  3. Since Stinker has strong feelings about things on his back I've never been tempted to try any of the BoT for him. I refuse to pay the much money for my horse to decide they need to go and shred them...
    I have been tempted by their ankle braces.

    1. If you lived in a colder climate I might say to give the pad a shot... But I can't see it being all that awesome in Florida summers, magical healing properties or no.

  4. Huh. I think I might need a trailer hitch cover now.

    1. i mean.... a $30 cover is way cheaper than repairs on weather-beaten hitch mechanisms etc!

  5. Love my Compositi stirrups. I used to get crazy bad knee and ankle pain when I used regular metal stirrups. Plus my leg never stayed where it needed to be. The composite stirrups solved all those problems. Plus they are so light that I can just let them dangle around at Fiction's sides when I ride case I need them.

    1. ha good point! i was actually thinking that exact same thing while suffering through stirrupless riding during my lesson this morning... and realizing that i need to make it more of a habit lol

  6. I love my EquiWing stirrups -- very similar to the Compositi, but comes in silver for the Equitation.

  7. I LOVE BOT but This is my first summer with them and I'm worried they'll be ways too hot.

    Also, I second the Compositi. Won't jump without them and I'm fixin to get some for my dressage saddle too

  8. I seem to be the only person who just isn't a fan of composite stirrups. I felt way less stable in them, and when I decided to drop my stirrups it was so much harder to pick them back up, and they were always twisted when I finally managed it. Also, hidden pointy toes is exactly why black stirrups aren't allowed in the equitation divisions. Haha.
    I've definitely been tempted by BoT, but it's so hot here all the time I'm not sure whether it's worth it other than maybe the boots.

  9. Woof wear sport boots have been on my "to-buy" list for soooo long. Glad to hear a positive review about them!

  10. I never thought of getting a hitch cover, but now I want one!

  11. Random, but I also have a little black Mazda. =-)


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