Sunday, June 26, 2016

cats stealing snax

Quick Sunday post here - mostly (only) bc I got a giggle out of the following series of photos so perhaps you will too? (if you don't that's cool too, I guess....)

Basically anybody who is unfortunate enough to know me beyond my published words here on 'Fraidy Cat Eventing might be familiar with my woeful lack of skills in the kitchen.** The long and short of it is that I can't and won't cook. It's terrible on a few different levels.

cats are closing in! 
Anyway, I was giddily proud of myself (to the point of snapping and texting pictures!) for putting together this little cracker-chorizo-cheese assortment. If you look at it sideways and pretend that it's not a cut off nub of string cheese and prepackaged, pre-sliced chorizo, you could alllllmost pretend it's like, a tapa, or something. Maybe. Maybe have another beer and you'll believe me?

It was perfect too bc I'm essentially chained to the computer working all weekend on things that probably should have been finished earlier... oops. So going out for actual real tapas was not really an option.

But then the cats came in and ruined all the fun... again. Ugh. These damn cats. So cute. But such terrors! That overturned box of crackers didn't hold them off for long, and alas I had to wrap up my little party and pack it in early. Womp womp.

pony mares will in fact make pony mare faces, no matter how many carrots you stuff into them
Lest you despair tho, actual horsey things are happening this weekend too. Involving a couple new characters too - like Noel, the little paint mare above. She looks so tired bc she thinks I miiiiight have killed her haha. She was fun tho! More to come.

Actually, more to come on a few things - I still owe a write up from our second clinic with Stephen Birchall, plus a few other odds and ends. It's just been tricky to sit down and write about anything deeper than cats stealing my sad little snax haha.

Oh well. Stay tuned I guess haha. And in the meantime, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hopefully it involves better food and snacking than mine lol (so jealous of all y'all who can actually, ya know, cook!)

**And I guess now that I've written it, you don't really have to know me to know about my embarrassing lack of skills lol...


  1. The cats don't seem to mind your cooking. :)
    But as long as there is ponies it doesn't matter.

  2. The pony mare is adorable! And your snack totally counts as tapas

  3. LOL - I cannot cook, either. And hubby is out of town which means I've practically starved to death this weekend :(

  4. You are too funny! Love the cats

  5. I would eat out a lot too if cats were constantly trying to steal my food at home!

  6. This, assuming I did my code right, made me think of you.

    Also, we lock the asshole cat up when we eat.

  7. Thanks to Beka, we can all enjoy cracker snax!

    My dog thinks it's a game to try to get your food out of your hand, so he has to go outside when we eat.

    And I can cook, but sometimes I just don't want to.

  8. The paint is so cute! I'm excited to read about your next adventures.

  9. I love to cook! I have some super easy recipes :)

  10. Love the cat pics! And glad there's lots going on so you have lots to write about!