Saturday, April 16, 2016

you're not my real mother! (x2)

Today's post is mostly the media from yesterday's post that I didn't have time to edit before hitting publish... Uh. So I guess this kinda constitutes cheating maybe haha. Sorry?

Regardless, I wrote yesterday that Brita got in some saddle time with Isabel during my work-related absence this week. And omg she sent me pictures haha. Hahaha. Isabel's FACE, omg.

"who are you and what did you do with my step mother?!?" - isabel
By all accounts they had a blast, so ya know. That just makes me happy. But seriously. This mare and her expressions. Obviously I couldn't not share with you.

And speaking of expressions, here's another little pony mare who isn't quite sure what the fuck just happened to her and who authorized this abuse:

"i'm experiencing a wide range of emotions right now, mkay?" - krimpet
Poor Krimpet. She really had no idea what was coming. Sad long suffering soul. As previously mentioned, I set up four poles on a large-ish circle (thus not quite reaching 'death' levels, but somewhat close - especially given the high temps for the day).

We only stuck with it about 15min, just long enough for Ms Bend'nSnap to settle into the pattern and actually make an effort when asked. She was very honest about it all too. Seems promising.

also honest in saying it nearly killt her
Looks like she'll be getting a couple days off in the immediate future tho, as the vet was able to isolate some serious ouchy spots in her hind end that might account for some of that bend'n'snap behavior of late.

Regardless, it's been oddly exciting (in that bizarre feverish kinda way) to text and brainstorm with her owner about ideas for continuing to develop Krimpet's strength and muscling, as well as her work ethic. Something about green horses - I kinda just love getting to play with such a fresh slate! Very grateful that C has been so willing to let me experiment a little.

So perhaps (if the scheduling gods permit) there will be more coming later. In the meantime, C and Brita and Kaitlyn will all be heading out to Olde Hope for an event tomorrow and I'm so pumped for them!! Alas I won't be able to go - but will obvi be rooting them on from a distance.

That distance being from my seat auditing a Janet Foy clinic. Stay tuned for an approximate metric fuck ton of notes!


  1. Iz's faces=me dying over here. So fantastic. Poor little pony mare life is hard when you have to work and behave. I am with you on thinking it is fun to play with the green beans.
    Can't wait for that metric fuck ton of notes :)

  2. But I wanted to audit the Janet Foy clinic!! I can't wait to read your write up! That is going to be the experience of a lifetime.

  3. Have fun at the JF clinic!! Can't wait to read the notes from that one.

  4. hehehe - Tesla also has opinions about folks who are not hers :) So funny!!

  5. Green horses... I can do 'em, but they're more like work for me than fun. On the up side, I generally learn stuff from each one I work with.

    Looking forward to the clinic notes!

  6. hehehe switching is tons of fun! I am still thinking we should all do it sometime

  7. I always felt like there was less pressure when dealing with the green ones. If you did great, it was a surprise, if you didn't you could just say "Eh, they're green" lol.

  8. Naw the marefaces are on point ☺