Friday, April 15, 2016

hey, what gives?!?

Phew - Happy Friday, everyone!! Hope y'all had a great week!

It's been a bit of a whirlwind here since last weekend - starting with the expected horse show hangover on Monday haha.

Ms. Princess got a day off after the show, then an easy breezy trot out through the fields and around the pasture lines. #HillsAreOurFriends!! I seriously need to pay more attention to our conditioning, and will be doing a little thinking / researching / etc on the subject.

Obviously a horse doesn't exactly need to be in peak fitness for BN/N level eventing... But I think we can do a little better than our current state. Recommendations are welcome!! And obvi you can probably expect more posts on the subject.

Anyway, after hacking Izzy out, I hopped back on my friend C's welsh pony Krimpet for a brief 15min school (set up four poles on a largish circle-of-moderate-discomfort and stayed there for the whole ride at trot and canter).

Pony is really SUPER sweet, but has managed to earn herself a new show name in "Bend 'n Snap" - for, um, REASONS. lol. She's cool tho, and C is doing really well with her. I might try to hop on every week or so when possible too. This thing is not exactly at risk of being overworked haha, so every little bit helps!

I'll probably have more to write about this adorable little monster later (plus obvi a zillion pictures of ze'cutes!!!), so stay tuned.

Anyway, I've been out of town ever since Tuesday evening (with Brita playing the role of pinch-rider for Ms Iz and having a TOTAL BLAST in the process). So it's been a little boring lately... BUT. We are making plans.

Some are kinda vague (like, this weekend there is no trainer P lesson so we're gonna figure out something else fun to do), others are more specific (big clinic audit coming up!!!!), and others are so freaking amazing that I really can't even wait (happening next week... might involved other bloggers. And xc schooling. Ooooooh exciting!).

So sorry this post right here is kinda just a tease... but I wanted to get something up just to say that it won't be horribly boring forever!!!

Anyway - hope you all have a great weekend too, and feel free to drop any conditioning ideas you have in the comments!!! 


  1. I don't have any conditioning tips, but I think all ponies should be named Krimpet. Just saying :)

  2. OMG THOSE COCKATOOS!! I need one. Or five. And definitely chuckled out loud at "circle-of-moderate-discomfort"!

  3. I used to do 2 min trot/3 min canter sets x2 with Mikey. 10 min of work, every five days. I mostly did it when I was trying to work 3rd level and Mikey needed to be better conditioned for it. I went out to the hay fields (they were very gently rolling fields), avoided the steeper sections, and off we went! It really helped.

  4. You are such a tease! I haven't worried about conditioning yet so no help there.

  5. Aww, ponies are so stinkin' cute. I can't wait to see photos!!
    I'm looking forward to it!

  6. You always have something fun in the works!

  7. I'd call you a tease but I've been doing the same thing lately. Sorry no conditioning tips. Have a great weekend!

  8. The book equine fitness is pretty cool :P just sayin

  9. I am taking the winter to learn a bit more about conditioning, Stacey (Klein's mumma) wrote a really good conditioning post recently - I found her blog through your sidebar -> so whilst I can't quite remember the URL, I hope you know who I'm referring to! But I super look forward to hearing what you share in the future.

    Excited to see this little welsh creature, I love them. So cute. I feel like I have the potential to become the Cruella De Vil of the Welsh pony world. #givethemtome.

    That gif breaks my heart every time haha.

  10. So, I love love love conditioning. I'm all about giving myself enough time that I can add on and make each week harder/longer. I really like switching it up too. Trotting for 40 minutes, gallop sets, hills, etc. Each week is something different or something combined. And then, when I feel really mean, or she feels really fit, I throw in a jump lesson after conditioning day just to emulate SJ after xc.