Monday, February 9, 2015

PSA - Pessoa Anatomic Girth (52", nwt) for sale!

**UPDATE: girth is sold**

Pessoa Anatomic Girth - new with tags - $150 + shipping
52 inch leather girth
Triple elastic at both ends
Three D-ring attachment points
Spring-loaded buckles for easier tightening

the color is more chestnut in person than it is in this retailer picture

My barnmate B and I recently ordered anatomic girths at the recommendation of our saddle fitter. The anatomic design allows for freer movement and comfort for the horse and prevents the saddle from being pulled forward onto the horse's shoulders. 

isabel is a reluctant model lol (she's wearing a 46")

I've been interested in this style of girth for a long time (esp after reading about it on other blogs!) - and finally made up my mind to go for it. And I LOVE the girth!! My trainer noticed it immediately - and said it ought to really help keep my saddle securely in place.

Sadly, B's new girth ended up being too long for the saddle she ultimately chose. So I'm posting it for sale here in case any of you are interested!

Please leave a comment or contact fraidycat[dot]eventing[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested or have questions!!

This item and others are listed on my 'stuff for sale' page.


  1. When I saw this, I was like OMG THERE IS NO WAY ISABEL WEARS A 52! Gave me a little chuckle.

    1. haha i may or may not be betraying Isabel's confidence here... but she seriously used to wear a 50"!!! don't believe me?? photographic evidence here lol:

  2. Replies
    1. i'm fairly suspicious that the price is negotiable too :)

  3. for that matter - any interested parties can contact me at fraidycat {dot} eventing {at} gmail {dot} com if you have questions etc but would rather not comment :)

  4. Im way more interested than I should admit 😳

    1. admit away!!! it's a really lovely girth and B was super disappointed that it didn't fit her new saddle -- so it would love to find a new happy home! :)

  5. i've seen these strange curvy girths before but know nothing about them and how they are better for your horsey friends. is there any blogs or such that youd' recommend i'd read to get a better idea of how they work etc?

    1. the idea is that their anatomic shape - with the offset middle part - helps provide a freer range of movement through the elbow and shoulder, while keeping the saddle in the proper place.

      essentially, the saddle's points should fit behind the horse's scapula, but this usually means that the billet straps are located somewhat behind the girth groove. so when a standard straight girth sits in the girth groove - it actually ends up pulling the saddle forward. not sure if that's a very clear explanation or not tho haha

      jen from cob jockey wrote a pretty good review of her experiences here:


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