Saturday, March 5, 2016

Equine Pilot Foal Pool!!!

Ok let's start our Saturday with a little guessing game!

Nicole over at Equine Pilot sent her welsh cob stallion Castelberrys ReFflection, aka Roscoe, off to, erm, be fruitful and multiply. Meaning that in a few short months, there are going to be five little mini-Roscoes hitting the ground!!

Roscoe himself, photo from Nicole's blog

So she's turning it into a contest - with pretty sweet prizes, actually. Entries should include the birth date and gender of each foal, with bonus points for guessing chrome on face legs and body (and coat color for two of the foals).

I'm, uh, not exactly an expert at breeding or genetics... but I can guess!!! So here goes:

#1: Roscoe x Castelberrys Dyma Hi
Birth date: April 30
Gender: filly
Chrome: narrow blaze, two coronets

#2: Roscoe x Castleberrys Rosalee
Birth date: May 20
Gender: filly
Chrome: wide blaze, three socks, belly spot

#3: Roscoe x Hawkshill-Castelberrys Rosina
Birth date: May 15
Gender: colt
Chrome: star, two socks
Color: black

#4: Roscoe x Nebo Ffion
Birth date: June 1
Gender: colt
Chrome: wide blaze, four stockings

#5: Roscoe x Rhosyr Ebony
Birth date: June 6
Gender: filly
Chrome: blaze
Color: chestnut


  1. I keep meaning to do this! Especially since Dyma Hi is one of Connor's full siblings.

  2. Yay, let the contest begin. Thanks Emma!

  3. I don't know how I missed this but I better jump on the bandwagon!


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