Monday, July 6, 2015

HGBH: every day tack

Stephanie from Hand Gallop wants to know about our every day tack set up. Yep I can do that! (Tho apparently not in time enough to actually link up in the blog hop - oops!)

this photo features all the principal players

I wasn't sure whether to even participate in this hop bc I've done so many gear posts... but I love hops and I LOVE gear so here we go again! :D

jump tack:
  • Bates Caprilli 17" close contact saddle with adjustable gullet and wool flocking
  • no-name frankenbridle (detailed at length here and here)
  • no-name running martingale
  • Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Aurigan loose ring snaffle
  • DaVinci web anti-slip reins
  • ECP correction half pad w/rear shims (found this on sale after trying to doctor up an existing pad... we'll see if it works out or not)
  • Lettia CoolMax 48" girth with double elastic
  • Compositi premium stirrup irons 
  • no-name splint boots up front, or Magik Equipe xc boots all around for cross country
  • Back on Track AP saddle pad (occasionally swapped out with no-name pads)
  • older-than-the-hills stirrup leathers that came with a saddle bought used from someone who bought it used from eBay... 
she's pretty cute

dressage tack:
  • Bates Isabel 17" dressage saddle w/adjustable gullet and CAIR panels (eventually to be replaced with wool)
  • Horseware of Ireland pony-sized dressage bridle with no-name horse-sized webbed reins (the bridle mostly fits except the brow band, so this will be replaced eventually)
  • Ovation Gel Body Form dressage girth
  • Sprenger KK Ultra loose ring bradoon bit
  • plain stainless steel fillis irons
  • foam padded no-bow wrap for extra padding under the pommel 
  • typically a no-name AP saddle pad
  • no-name splint boots up front
  • consignment stirrup leathers

still needs a sparkle browband!

trail riding / general hacking / miscellaneous add-ons :
  • circus bridle!! none of which actually fits Isabel!
    • no-name old-as-dirt horse sized leather brow band and head stall
    • pony sized red nylon mechanical hackamore
    • pony sized rainbow reins
  • fly whisk (indispensable in these parts)
don't let her sad face fool you - she loves this bridle
never stray far from the arena without your fly whisk!

What about you - what's your typical day to day set up?


  1. Ooooooh fun! Here's mine: Jumping: too teeny for my adult who rides a short-backed pony butt 16W County conquest. Eh, I don't mind stuffing myself in if he's comfy:). Fleece works FXK countour pad(he has lovely uphill build/high withers, plus I find sheepskin directly on the back is a great slippage stopper). 48TEKNA anatomical pressure EZ girth, TEKNA breastplate sans running attachment. The sparliest browband (like FIVE rows of crystals or something) that I've ever seen(he came with it, but I love it!!!) myler comfort loose ring snaffle, flash. Nunn finer all purpose boots or Eskadron flexi-soft pony open fronts. Dressage: Centuar 17 dressage saddle which he not so much. Prolite half pad with rear shims! (I'm on the rear lift bandwagon too), 22prestige anatomical girth (LOOOOOVEE it, never a rub in sight, saddle stays PUT). FancAy as heck Vespucci double (that I DONT use a a double LOL, but it was on consignment & a good deal) dressage bridle, that I took the crank off of and put a caveson/flash on that I padded myself (under the metal). Another myler comfort on that.:) That was fun!!!!

  2. nice collection! and i definitely need more sparkly browbands in my life too - yours sounds awesome ! bummer the saddles aren't the best for you but it's easy to make that sacrifice for a great fit for the horse!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks!!! Agreed, pony happiness comes first. He's such a sweetheart, I can't help but treat him like the little prince that he is, lol.

    3. haha i feel the same way about my mare :)

  3. Nice set up, although definitely lacking a sparkle headband!

    1. yessss!!! i've got my eye on a few, just need to pull the trigger and click 'buy' :)

  4. Sometimes I think about switching to eventing just so I can buy more tack :)

    1. lol you should give it a shot! haha seriously tho i really don't know where it all comes from and had no intention of having all this stuff when i got into eventing... it just kinda happens tho :D

  5. THA (tack hoarders anonymous) we all should be members!

    1. haha yesssss i would wear that pin proudly

  6. Yay for rainbow reins! And yes, you need a sparkly brow band. ;)

  7. I love the rainbow reins. I miss mine. BTW did your Bates have the CAIR or did you purchase flocked? I hear a lot of people moving away from Cair which I have now.

    1. my jump saddle was flocked when i bought it, as that was a huge part of my criteria. i've since learned that there is a CAIR shimming/riser system ( where there are pieces of varying thicknesses that can fit in with the CAIR system to give a tailored fit.

  8. I can hook you up with a lady for a sparkle browband lol


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