Friday, December 26, 2014

playing the waiting game

Happy Boxing Day everyone!! Isabel's owner is Canadian and is hosting a Boxing Day party tonight - sounds like fun to me! 

And, uh, that's pretty much the only fun thing happening right now. (Aside from celebrating the holidays with my family with many lovely feasts and my niece and nephew and cousins over the past few days! Those were definitely good times!)

First of all... I'm pretty much in Secret Santa purgatory right now. Due to living in a Baltimore City apartment with no mail room, I don't want packages delivered to my home. 

The above photo was originally intended to showcase my beloved trucky truck doing its parallel parking thang. But it's also a picture of my neighborhood. Pretty safe, but still. You can't be too careful with precious Secret Santa presents!! 

Therefore, the gift (it IS here!!) is sitting quite safely at my sister's house. Except, uh, she's away visiting her in-laws (and forgot to bring it to dinner on Christmas Eve.... grrr). And I don't have a key. 

So. Uh. To my very generous Secret Santa - here's a preemptive THANK YOU! I am absolutely DYING of anticipation knowing that it's so close by, and yet so unattainable... Hopefully I'll be able to pick it up today... fingers crossed!

waiting makes Isabel sad too

Meanwhile, I'm four days into my nearly-two-week vacation (typing those words makes me soooo happy, all things considered) and the weather has been atrocious. Rain rain mist rain fog rain... At least the foreseeable forecast is pretty excellent - so fingers also crossed that the footing dries up well enough to get some stuff done. It kills me that we are AGAIN going into our Saturday lesson after nearly a week off... 

please stay dry!!

Ah well - I guess in the grand scheme of things, these complaints fall squarely into the 'first world problems' category, and for that I'm grateful :)

Hopefully there will be more interesting updates soon!


  1. Aw cute cuddling kitties
    Hope you get your gift soon ☺

    1. I love that my cats love each other lol. And just heard from my sister - will pick up the gift in an hour!!!!!

  2. I still haven't seen or heard anything about my Secret Santa gift so I feel you. I don't even know if mine has been sent or anything. :( I'm trying to be patient because I sent a two day and it took six days to get to my Secret Santa, so I'm hoping mine has just been delayed by the stupid USPS.

    Good luck with your lesson! I really hope the weather clears up for you so you can get some riding in on your vacation. :) Have fun at the party!

    1. aww boo - i hope yours shows up soon! i JUST picked mine up and it was 100% worth the wait :D

      and thanks - so far the weather is starting to play nicely. fingers crossed it keeps up!

    2. It showed up!! Yay! I posted about it.

  3. Well since you mentioned you were getting your gift in an hour over an hour ago I think this is safe.... phew!! I was so afraid you hadn't gotten it and was freaking out haha. I hope you love it!!

    1. ahhhh it's here it's here it's here and i LOVE it!!! thank you so much :) i just posted some straight up pic spam - Ms Mini Izzy is just tooo cute!