Saturday, December 20, 2014

december's 10 questions

L. Williams is at it again!

1. What size horse do you prefer to ride? I typically feel best on something around 16hh. Isabel is a bit small-ish, as I had trouble seeing distances on shorter horses... but now I'm pretty used to her way of going lol. 

Lad-sized horses are good!

2. Do you school in tall boots or half chaps and paddock boots? Both - depending on what I'm doing or wearing, ground conditions, or my mood. If we're going into the woods or the ground is really muddy, paddock boots are a no-brainer. But I like riding in tall boots too - and just picked up a schooling pair to give my show boots a break. 

3. What do you do with your ribbons after shows? My mom has the year-end tricolors I won the one and only summer I was fabulously successful in a show series (yay for sparse attendance in adult divisions at schooling shows!). 

I used to hang Isabel's ribbons on her stall... but some barn mates apparently felt that was too competitive (which is definitely NOT my intent!) so I took them down. Now they're in a box in the trunk of my car getting wrinkled lol. 

i just thought it was pretty...

4. Do you ride/board at a large show barn or a small private barn? Isabel's barn houses <30 horses and a busy lesson program. Past events include closed-barn shows, combined trainings, trail challenges, and one variety show that included games, barrels, and a terrifyingly misguided gambler's choice jumpers class (who on EARTH decided to give lesson kids two minutes to rack up as many points as possible by jumping random fences willy nilly?). So... long story short, it's a medium sized barn - tho only 3-5 of us go to outside shows. 

OF, on the other hand, is a large eventing barn that's home to a few seriously competitive riders (including Maryland Hunt Cup riders - how cool!). They host a yearly recognized event, and several starter and schooling type shows. 

5. Have you ever seen a horse give birth? Nope! 

6. What is your favorite breed? Most of my experiences are with TBs, and I expect that my first horse will be an OTTB (when that day ever happens...). Arabians are actually not particularly high on my list of favorites, but I'm clearly pretty fond of Isabel... so it depends on the horse, I guess.  

Gwenyth was a pretty cute Cleveland Bay, tho moderately spastic

7. Favorite tack brand? Not a clue! 

8. Would you ever buy used tack? Yep, pretty much 75-80% of my riding and general equipment is consignment (why pay full price for trailer ties when there's a perfectly serviceable pair for $8??). 

a combination of new and old here

9. Ever been on a carriage ride? Can't actually remember... maybe not?

10. How often do you go to the tack store? I tend to go in spurts, it seems. Maybe every other month? 


  1. Bah I wish I could buy used. I have some sort of mental block against it though haha.

    And I've owned both an Arabian and a Thoroughbred and I find them to be quite similar in terms of temperament :P

    1. Interesting! I find Isabel hugely different from the TBs I know - and originally tried to ride her like a TB with disastrous results lol. They're both a little hot and flighty at times, but I'm not sure the similarities go much further ... Idk tho- izzy is the only Arab I've really known

  2. Wow that's sad you couldn't keep her ribbons in her stall... I think it was really pretty. I enjoyed reading your answers to these questions. So interesting!

    1. Thanks - I was sad too, but more sad that they made ppl uncomfortable... Ah well

  3. Thats very strange reaction to ribbons on a stall, I mean everyone does that at shows.. :/

    1. yea... i guess since very few people at my barn show they didn't know that?

    2. You mean it was people who don't even show that were complaining about the ribbons??

    3. it's hard to tell - nobody ever said anything to me in person. but the barn mgr emailed me saying people were uncomfortable with my 'competitiveness'... and since i'm not actually very competitive (any show goals are strictly personal!) i couldn't tell where it was coming from. so i just took the ribbons down to be safe and haven't heard a peep since...

    4. Oh wow that's so weird. Oh well. It's too bad you couldn't leave them up because other people are so petty but what can you do?? Best to avoid barn drama when possible hehehehe!

    5. yea... pretty much my thoughts exactly


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